What To Look For When Buying An Engagement Ring

Is it that time to start shopping for an engagement ring? Well, Congratulations! This is a massive deal and I am so happy to hear that you found someone that you want to commit your life too! This is a very exciting time, and I know getting caught up in all the love and excitement is very easy, but you have to be realistic and keep your emotions in check. Like most of us, you are not made out of money so spending a fortune on a ring is not possible, also you need to think about the money you will be spending on the actual wedding. Most people forget about everything else and just spend a massive amount of money on a ring when there are other things that need to be paid for like your venue, invites, wedding guest book, and honeymoon. Now that you had a reality check, you are ready to realistically buy an engagement ring!

Here are some things to look out for. There is the shape, color, cut quality, the clarity of the diamond, carat weight, size, and the metal for the band. All of these components that make a ring can make various designs and uniqueness to a ring. I have broken them down so that you can get a feeling of what to look for when buying a ring!


The first thing you need to set a budget for yourself. Think about everything you have to spend on the wedding and pick a good number that you can spend on a ring. You don’t want to lose all your savings on a ring.

What are they interested in

Find out what your partner is interested in, maybe they want a diamond, maybe they just want a band. Either one, figure out the details that they want. If you don’t want to ask them because its a surprise and you know you will give it away that is okay, whatever you get for them they should love because you picked it out!

Understanding diamonds

Make sure that you do some research on diamonds so that when you are shopping you know what you are looking for. There are general recommendations called the four C’s, cut, color,  clarity, and carat. Do your homework so you can ask more questions and find a good quality ring.

Get the right size

This is the difficult part. You need to figure out their ring size. Obviously you can get your ring resized, but think about it, when you propose and put the ring on your partner’s finger, you want to make sure that it goes on, whether it is too big at least it fits. It would suck if it was too small so it didn’t even fit on their finger. So I would suggest finding out their ring size so you can have a happy engagement.

Whatever ring you pick out for your partner it will be good! In the end, a ring is only a ring. You wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone is more important and your partner will be happy just being asked, but having a ring is plus! Good luck on finding the perfect ring and congratulations!

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