Unique Engagement Rings That Make a Statement

Move over the classic diamonds. The colorful gemstones are the new trend when it comes to creating exquisite engagement rings. If you are someone who prefers unique gemstone engagement rings, it’s best to consider a colored gemstone for a distinct touch. 

Don’t get us wrong if you love diamonds. We also admire this precious stone to bits. But for those who are bored of the look of traditional diamond rings, adding precious gemstone to a ring is a refreshing take on engagement jewelry. When you pair a colored gemstone with diamonds, you’ll have a stylish piece of jewelry to endure for your lifetime. Or maybe to pass on to generations.  

When it comes to expressing individuality, there is nothing as striking as sapphire, ruby, emerald, or any other colorful gemstone. Besides their aesthetics and exquisiteness, the non-diamond gemstones are reasonably priced than solitaries. 

Why Pick Gemstones Over Diamonds?

Gemstone engagement rings are also as popular as diamond rings for decades. Now, these rings are again growing in popularity among millennials. Why? Well, there are many reasons for that. 

The very first reason is that colored gemstones simply highlight the wearer’s individuality, as the colors often have some deeper meanings. Whether you want a ring in your birthstone or just in your favorite color, a gemstone is a perfect addition to any stylish ring. 

Considerations To Choose a Gemstone

At Gemrize, we have a wide collection of gemstone engagement rings. We help you customize a ring in any desired gemstone. It even includes some side stones that can be diamonds. A gemstone in the center and diamonds around it is one classic way to deck up an engagement ring. 

However, if you have any other design in mind, you can choose that too. Picking your favorite gemstone is the best choice when it’s about designing a gemstone engagement ring. However, the hardness of a stone is very important too. It is because you are likely to wear your engagement ring for the rest of your life. The harder a gemstone is, the greater its durability. So, it will constantly brave the daily wear and tear without needing maintenance any time soon. 

Even the right setting of a ring is highly important to protect the stones from everyday damage. For instance, you can consider setting gemstones in a gold frame or a platinum frame. No matter what metal you choose, the stones must be embedded tightly into the metal to keep the tiny stones intact. The right design is also a very safe choice for softer gemstones. It is best to consult our experts to discuss the right setting to elongate the life of your precious gemstone engagement ring.  

Custom Gemstone Ring at Gemrize

Thinking of breaking the tradition of wearing a diamond engagement ring? You may consider custom-made rings at Gemrize. We help you create a unique gemstone engagement ring that defines your individuality while expressing love. So, get in touch with us to create an engagement ring that’s as special as you. 

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