Getting Started With Piano Lessons

It isn’t surprising that the piano is one of the most popular instruments to learn. It’s also one of the easiest instruments to learn, and playing can give you a thorough understanding of musical theory. Playing can also improve cognitive skills, memory and dexterity and the piano lends itself to rock, easy listening, jazz and classical. Many parents will tell you that learning the piano has helped their child to focus bettor in school, and many adults who learn maintain it helps them to relax and even reduce depression. However, there are things to keep in mind if you’re a beginner looking for piano lessons.

Before even looking for a piano teacher, determine what you or your child hopes to get from taking piano lessons. You may be a complete beginner trying to learn the basics, or you may be taking up the piano after a long hiatus. You may be interested in pursuing a musical career, or perhaps playing at your church or school. Or you may just be interested in learning enough to be able to play a tune at home every so often. Some piano teachers specialize in a particular musical style, such as jazz or classical and that’s something else to consider. And you will also need to choose between individual or group lessons; the benefits of individual learning are obvious although it will cost more. Expect to pay between $40 and $60 for an hour long piano lesson, based on where you live and the reputation and background of the teacher.

One of the best ways to find a suitable piano teacher, like this piano lessons Scottsdale option, is to ask for recommendations from the staff at your local school or college; asking family and friends is also an effective approach as well as browsing customer reviews online. You can also find reputable piano teachers in your area by contacting the Piano Teacher’s Federation. Create a list of several possible teachers and then arrange to meet with them in person; there is no substitute talking to someone in person to get a feel for their approach to lessons, and how approachable and easy to work with they seem. And of course, it’s also a good opportunity to ask all those practical questions too, such as the length and cost of lessons, and the teacher’s schedule and availability.

It’s also acceptable to ask to attend a recital or lesson to get a first hand idea of how a person teaches and interacts with their student. Another thing to consider is whether to have lessons in your own home or go to the teacher for lessons. As the piano isn’t portable, you’ll need to have your own piano for lessons at home! And in addition to the actual lessons, you’ll be expected to practice, something that can cut into family, work or study time. But there’s no doubt that learning an instrument is one of the most satisfying things to do, and whether you’re 8 or eighty, learning the piano can open up a whole new world.

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