Vacation with Your Best Buddies: Should You or Should You Not?

Opting for a vacation with your friends can lead to some of the best moments in your life. However, unlike going on a vacation with your family, the coming together of different traveling habits and traditions might require some adjustments and compromises. Not to mention the different wants and needs.

For everyone’s maximum enjoyment throughout the vacation, we have collected some of the best vacation tips with your friends. Whether it is a weekend gateway or a week to remember you are planning, we got you covered!

Before the trip

Be aware of the challenges that might arise

Fun as it can be, going on a trip with your friends, especially a large group, would require a lot of planning and compromise. It is important for you to understand that your personal enjoyment cannot always be prioritized, despite the purpose of a vacation is for you to have fun. There are times when you have to be content with knowing that your friends are happy, although it might not be the same case for you.

Pick your travel companions wisely

As vacation is about having fun and not bums, you should go with the people you get along with. These could be your long-time friends or the ones you have a lot in common with.

Choosing your travel buddy can also be done depending on what kind of vacation you’re going on. For example, if you are going on a golfing trip, your golf buddies might be a better option than your best friend who doesn’t enjoy the same activity.

Plant the need to plan

Because you are not the only one going on vacation, everyone should come and plan the trip together, every step of the way. Besides discussing the daily itineraries and place to stay, you also need to discuss the budget each person is willing to spend. Try and consider hiring a travel agent when you are going with a larger group so everyone can enjoy their time to the fullest.

Openly communicate with your friends

Sharing your opinions with your friends is important, but the ability to listen and understand your friends’ points of view are also vital. Be flexible when you are planning the trip, but also do speak up when you do not feel comfortable with an activity or any details. Having different preferences is bound to happen, but an agreement is also bound to be reached by being considerate and open with one another.

During the trip

Put your thoughts and worries down 

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The most important thing to remember during your vacation is to make sure that you are present, body and soul. When traveling as a group, a person’s mood can easily affect others’ moods as well. So, do your best to keep the mood light and fun for everyone.

As the moment doesn’t come twice, savor every bit of it as much as you can. Put down your phone, ignore the need to check your social media, and actually socialize with the friends you have in front of you. One tip is to bring along a Bluetooth speaker, so, everyone can jam together to their favorite songs and hinder dull moments.

Splitting is not a bad thing, nor is it only for bananas

If you have the privilege of going on a long vacation with your friends, do not feel the need to spend every waking moment together. Instead of forcing everyone to go to the same places that might not be of interest to them, what you can do is split into smaller groups. This way, everyone can check the places they wish to visit off their list.

Taking a day for everyone to explore on their own is also a good option. Use this day to buy gifts and to go to places that you personally want to visit. You can take pictures using an instant camera and share your day with your friends through the photos over dinner.

Follow the flow

Though the planning has already ended, it is not the case for compromising. As you go on the trip, whether it is due to external circumstances or internal ones, there will be some sacrifices that you have to make. Sometimes it can be in the form of missing a place that you want to visit; other times, it could mean paying more for meals.

It is important for you to be flexible with where the trip is taking you and what kind of conditions you have to face. During group vacations, the most important thing is to keep the group’s mood up, so even when a problem strikes, it can be solved with a clear head.

All in all, going on a vacation with your friends is still one of the best ways to spend your break. The combination of craziness and excitement of being in a new place, along with the freedom that some might not have when they travel with their family, is the perfect recipe for a good time.

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