5 things to think about when planning a golfing trip

You might have a preference for a golf course local to home, but the chances are that you’re itching to spread your wings and travel to other parts of the world to take your hobby to the next level. Below, we’ve rounded up some things to think about when planning a golfing trip.

Deciding on a location

Perhaps the most important consideration to make when planning a golfing trip is to pick a location. Whether you’re thinking about the United States, Australia, Ireland, or Scotland, there are so many options to consider, so think about making a list of your top five and round up the pros and cons of each, taking into account pricing and the time of year. Once you’ve got a group of pals who are available to travel, you can take a vote to find the right location.

Give yourself some time to breathe

One of the most common mistakes people make when planning a golfing trip is packing too much into the day. It’s a good idea to take a step back and allow yourself some room to really breathe. If you’re visiting a new country for the first time, avoid over-scheduling and prepare for the unexpected. Whether that’s a flight delay, a last-minute tee time cancellation or spotting a tourist attraction you simply cannot miss out on, ensure you’ve got some spare time every day to immerse yourself into the local culture – outside of golf – to make the most of it. Shopping is important, too – consider booking a hotel close to key retail outlets so you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones and new equipment – like Auchterlonies, one of the most respected golf shops in St Andrews Scotland. Set aside a budget for souvenirs, too!

Plan your travel buddies carefully

The chances are that you already have a bunch of friends in mind for your golfing trip, but you should take a step back and make sure that you’re happy with every person in your party. The ultimate aim of your trip is to experience golf in a different setting, and if you invite someone who’s too dominant, obsessed with spending all of their time in the pub, or overly competitive, the chances are that it will sour the trip. Consider group relations before you start inviting guests and consider spreading the planning and organisation so you’re not stretching yourself too thinly. It’s not fair for one or two in the group to manage everything.

Make sure everyone’s involved

As we’ve just touched upon, getting the whole gang involved in planning for your trip is important not only to spread the workload but to ensure everyone’s happy. The last thing you want to do is turn up at your accommodation, only to realise that you’ve got to share a room or you’re in entirely different locations. Planning together means everyone’s involved and can contribute to the planning of the trip, and make their say in important decisions. You could even plan your golfing trip over a pint in your local pub after a few rounds of golf. Ideal.

Think about transporting your equipment

Finally, you should be mindful of transporting your equipment from one country to another, and decide exactly what you’re going to take. Although most golf clubs offer a rental service at an affordable price, you might want to take your own set of clubs with you. Because of this, you should plan your travel arrangements in advance and consider insurance to protect against loss and damage. Bear in mind that transporting golfing equipment via aeroplane can be expensive – do your research and weigh up the pros and cons of both options.

Do you have any other tips? Let us know and check back to the blog soon for more advice.

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