My Little Pony games, a great opportunity to get to know your daughter better!

The next time your 4-year-old or 6-year-old daughter tells you that she wants to play My Little Pony games, take some time to think before answering. Instead of allowing her to play alone in her room, you could say something like: “OK, why don’t we play together?”. Her face will brighten immediately and her big green or blue eyes will fill with joy. Besides making her happy, you’ll also have a great opportunity to get to know your little girl better. By reading this article further, you’ll find out how to make the most of this experience.

The first step is to choose one of the numerous My Little Pony games from a dedicated website. For example, our friends at have over 600 such games, which have been played hundreds of thousands of times and have an average rating of 4.51 stars (out of 5). Of course, most of the games in this category focus on the original storyline of the series with the same name, but there are also spin-offs that only deal with certain parts of this cartoon and its characters: coloring, hairstyle, dressing games, etc.

It’s clear that the vast majority of My Little Pony games are aimed at girls aged 3-4 to 11-12, but this doesn’t mean that boys or adults are “forbidden” to play. After your daughter chooses her favorite game, you’ll most probably ask her what it’s about, if it’s not obvious from the name. This will be a great chance for her to express herself, emphasizing the parts she likes the most about that game. Also, it will be an opportunity for you to compliment her on her increasingly advanced vocabulary and the fact that her explanations were spot on so that you understood perfectly what you have to do during the game.

my little pony games

Then, you will actually start playing My Little Pony games. Along the levels with increasing difficulty, your little girl’s focus will be, most probably, on the game itself, while you will analyze her, with all her remarks and reactions. If you don’t already know these details, you’ll find out your daughter’s favorite color, favorite MLP character, as well as her favorite activity from the ones listed above (coloring, hair brushing, dressing, etc.). This will allow you to get closer to your little girl and form an even stronger bond with her.

Also, another very important aspect you have to notice is how she reacts when you’ll inevitably make a mistake that might make you not pass the level in My Little Pony games. If she’s supportive and suggests you restart the level, it’s great, but if she becomes angry & annoyed and starts to cry or scream, then it’s an alarm signal that something is wrong. In conclusion, even by doing something that seems superficial, but for your princess, it’s really important, you’ll get to know her better & spend quality time with her. After all, this is the most important thing at such a young age!

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