Avoid Gifting Worst Promotional Gifts To your Customers

Often the promotional gift baskets are filled with cheap and sometimes useless stuff which clearly shows how much the gift giver values the customer relationship and eventually how much he respects his customers. Never forget that your business runs because of your customers and the more productive and enduring customer relationship you nurture more growth in your business would take place. Your customers are sensitive, and they may pretend you that they are grateful for the gifts you gifted them. But if the materials in the gift basket are not useful for them they may take them just to please it but eventually, throw them to the dustbin. Take care of the customers as well as your gift basket so that your business might not be thrown out to the dust bin. Choose your appropriate promotional gifts from Concept Plus produits promotionnels to offer your customers as a token of your thankfulness for their contribution towards the growth of your business. Beware of the following worst gifts that may ruin your business.

Some promotional gift baskets contain a bottle of wine with the company’s logo. The idea seems to be innovative but as long as the wine if ther’re in the bottle it may serve the purpose and normally the entire wine is consumed sooner than expected. Nobody cares about the bottle as well as the logo of the company over the bottle. Eventually, as soon as the bottle is empty mostly the nest day of its receipt the bottle is subject to the dustbin.

The most popular or common promotional gifts given to customers are the pens, notepads and stationery items with the company’s logo on them. But, you must keep in mind that these are neither general gifts nor promotional gifts. These items are promotional tolls which generally left carelessly, and you distribute them for free. You can never claim them as promotional gifts and present them to your customers.

One of the very peculiar practice claimed as a promotional gift such as you all on a sudden get a message from a store saying, “Dear valued customer, as part of our Christmas gift, we are pleased to invite you to our store for a special discount on all purchase over 1000 USD”! How do you react as you read the invitation? Will you ever respect the invitation and go to purchase materials worth more than 1000 USD to get a gift? It is still not understood how the companies claim this as Christmas gift and proudly declare the presentation as well as an invitation!

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