What You Need to Know About Buying the Perfect Art Easels

Are you in the market for an art easel but not sure what to look out for? The latter is available in various styles and sizes and are made from wood or metal and are created for particular purposes. They can be utilized to hold different objects such as an artist’s canvas, paper, drawings and boards. 

Art easels also vary in terms of size. Some are large and cumbersome while others are light and relatively mobile for artists on the go.

Is an art easel necessary?

Before we delve into your options for an art easel, it would be prudent to discuss whether they’re essential in the first place. 

Most successful artists would agree that art easels are indispensable to their trade. Its’ purpose is simple — to keep drawings or paintings in place while the artist is working. Easels also help prevent spills and other accidents that can ruin the work.

Art easels are also highly versatile as it enables an artist to work on their art while standing or sitting down. Some easels have adjustable legs and canvas trays which give the user the liberty to operate at the height, angle and surface area of their option. 

Your options in art easels

Now that we have covered the significance of owning an art painting easel, it’s time to delve into the options available to you, which include the following:


A tabletop easel is an ideal choice for artists who are conscious of their available space and prefer something that is easily collapsible. These easels come in various styles including smaller variations of floor-standing easels, tripod or three-legged easels and ones that come with storage boxes. 

They are not big enough for significant masterpieces; however, they are practical and can be put on tabletops such as the kitchen or dining room table hence its’ name.

Studio type easels

Studio easels are large and heavy art fixtures that are typically fixed to the studio flooring. These art easels generally are used indoors for a custom stretched canvas and massive artworks. Some studio easels have wheels that enable artists to move them around the studio.

Studio easels range in styles and sizes, and they can become costly. This kind of art easel is ideal for those artists with a good deal of space to operate in and for those dealing with massive projects.

Portable easels

Also known as sketching easels, portable easels are for artists who prefer to work outdoors. These easels are light and easy to fold, which makes them useful for artists who have limited studio space.

Presentation easels

These kinds of easels are ideal for the displaying of charts and charts. They are portable and come in many designs and composing surface areas such as marker board, corkboard, whiteboards and magnetic. Lots of are double-sided and some come with flip chart holders and storage trays to hold accessories.

Display easels

These are used for the showing of art, photography, ceramics, drawings, sketches along with for paintings. They are created to base on the flooring or for sitting on tabletops and other flat surfaces. In general display, screen easels are a type of art easel that is typically decorative and is available in a range of metal and wood surfaces.


The art easel is used for a range of applications and come in many styles. They can be used for watercolours, oil painting, acrylics and much more. Easels have been around since the time of the Renaissance and remain indispensable to artists all over the world and for a good reason.


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