Ukraine brides vs Russian brides

Ukraine women are strong, bold and somewhat Slots Big Win dynamic in nature. They are multitalented and it is said that they can handle their household works as well as a job or business at a time. They are all working women. Well, when we talk about marriage, Ukraine brides preferred strongmen like them.

Russian women are strong and powerful but at the same time, they are also amiable. They can mix freely with others. They are a foodie, good at cooking and their family matters to them a lot. Well, Russian girls like to choose their own groom by themselves, obviously after having a discussion with their parents.

Now there is debate always between Ukraine brides and Russian brides. Let us discuss this topic by studying carefully about both cultures.

  • Ukraine brides wore long gowns preferably white colour or light colour. They decorate themselves with flowers and the veil which they wear is designed beautifully. Whereas Russian brides too wore long gowns but a little bit short in length. Their dress is milky white and the groom wears a black suit. They too wear a veil but sometimes they wear a beautiful long hat in their head which makes their look unique and attractive. They also wear an attractive crown which gives them the look of a princess.
  • Ukraine brides participate in singing and dancing. The bride and groom danced together along with their families. Their marriage ceremony takes many games and other religious things. In Russia, the marriage took place for 2 to 10 days. All the members used to stay for long. They celebrate and enjoy.
  • The ritual of the best man is in both cultures. Ukraine brides come along with their best man, who hands over the bride to the groom. The marriage takes place in the church, the priest asks the couple about their concern for the marriage. If both give their concern then the marriage is said to be completed. Almost the same rituals are followed by the Russian brides. They take the concern from the priest and give their concern. They kissed each other and the marriage is said to be completed.
  • Ukraine brides cut the massive cake along with their grooms. After that, they eat and distribute the cake among others. Well, Russian brides don’t cut cakes, which means it is not in their traditions, but still, some Russian brides cut the cake and mark the celebrations.
  • Ukraine bride throws the bunch of flowers from behind and it is said that whoever catches it, gets the chance to do the next marriage. Well, it is a myth but this ceremony is performed by Ukraine brides. The Russian brides give a bunch of flowers to whoever she likes. Some brides also throw the flower from behind and whoever gets caught it.

Conclusion: Every girl looks best on their wedding day in their bridal attire. The long white gown and a crown or veil on their head give them a look of Goddess.

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