How to Tell if You Need the Service of a Criminal Lawyer in Knoxville

Knoxville city in Tennessee is the county seat of Knox County and has a population of more than 187,603. This makes Knoxville the third-largest city of the state, while it is the first largest in the East Tennessee Grand Division. With the growing population of the city, there is a likelihood that you will face a lawsuit at some point in time and need to defend your innocence.

Regardless of how clever or sharp you think you may be, it is not a good idea to meet a criminal trial head-on without a lawyer. You need someone with experience and a brilliant command of the law system. You need criminal lawyers knoxville tn on your side if you want to lessen the conviction of a potential criminal offense or secure your freedom at the end of the tunnel.

Fighting against a criminal charge can be a nerve-racking and emotionally draining ordeal. These are some situations wherein you need a criminal lawyer to represent you:

Alcohol Crimes

When it comes to alcohol crime, there are four prime offenses that fall under it:

  • Public intoxication
  • Minor in possession of alcohol
  • Open container violation
  • Driving under the influence

The most grievous charge of them all is the DUI, as it comes with serious penalties. If you are not familiar with alcohol-related laws or do not understand your rights, make sure to hire a criminal defense attorney immediately. It is crucial to talk to an attorney, particularly if this conviction could compromise your professional license.

Drug Charges

Heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine are the main illegal drugs that are outlawed by the state. With a drug conviction, you could end up behind bars. It could be due to drug possession, distribution, cultivation, or trafficking. If you find yourself in this serious predicament, call a criminal lawyer at once.

The criminal lawyers Knoxville Tn has on offer can defend you against drug crimes by proving that:

  • The illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia belong to another person
  • You are forced to carry drugs for another person
  • Law enforcement officers conducted an illegal search and seizure
  • There is missing evidence from the seize

Homicide Charges

The law considers it a homicide when a person takes the life of another, no matter the circumstances surrounding the event. Prosecutors will prove negligence or willful intent to consider homicide a crime. When you hire a criminal defense lawyer, they will prove self-defense justifications or accidental killing.

Assault and Battery Charges

These charges can result in serious jail time. If you want to secure your freedom, get the best criminal attorney that could use some defenses to help your case. These include:

  • Self-defense. This is a defense strategy, proving that you did not provoke the victim or you were facing imminent danger at that time.
  • Defense of property. Your attorney needs to prove the other party was withholding or invading your property; hence, you responded todefend your property.
  • Voluntary consent. You, as the accused, had an impending threat against other people.
  • Defense of others. The other party consented to the act of violence and later claimed they were assaulted.

Financial Crimes or Fraud

When an individual obtains property or money from another person, involving some abuse of trust or deceit, it is considered fraud. Examples of these crimes are wire fraud, forgery, insurance fraud, and credit or debit card fraud. If you are facing such charges, you should have a criminal lawyer to aid and protect you at all costs.

To conclude, you have better chances of avoiding a long legal battle and prison time if you have the best criminal lawyers in Knoxville, Tn on board. They are industry experts who can influence the outcome of the criminal case in your favor.

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