How to become an eyelash extension technician

Cultivating a strong interest in the beauty arena with attention to making people feel pretty, being an eyelash extension technician is a great option.

The following steps certainly help to reach your goal:


The state’s lash technician licensing regulation is thoroughly read and understood before enrolling in a training course. It’s preferable to be an esthetician, cosmetologist or having a medical license. A training program can be alternatively contacted to know about the regulations.


An esthetician specializes in skincare only while a cosmetologist is adept in work on hair, skin, eyes, nails, etc. Hence, the program or course is chosen after careful consideration and extensive background research.


The training program may vary in level of expertise as well as the accompanying costs right from primary to advanced and ranging from £200 – £5000.


The syllabus covers a wide range of topics like sanitation practices, allergic reactions, and how to curb them, client safety and handing, procedures in bonding, and application of extensions. They can be completed online or in-person and can last from a few days to a week.

Work experience

The best way to gain the necessary level of experience is by working with and around professionals who can guide and train you in the procedure. Working in a salon or boutique helps a great deal.


Increasing the intake and inflow of clients helps in practising, thus giving you ample time and space to work and excel at it. Further, this creates trust in the clients, and they will remain loyal customers in the long run.


Always make a card with your details listed on it. The final step in fulfilling your dream is the courage to venture out on your own. Set up a workspace either in the comfort of your home or in a different setting.

For the business to grow, use marketing strategies like offering discounts, bargains, spreading the word through friends, posters, and exclusive offers.

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