Christmas getaways: How to get them right

For some people, the thought of venturing away around Christmas is out of the question. Christmas is a time to stay on home soil, and ultimately gather as many of the family around as possible.

At the same time, others see it the prime time to escape. Sometimes this might be with the extended family, while on other occasions it might just be with your household. It’s seen as a time where you are already using annual leave, so why not make the most of the days off work?

However, going away at Christmas is slightly different. There are a few extra considerations, which today’s post is now going to tackle.

Do you want a traditional Christmas?

In truth, this is going to be anything but a traditional Christmas. You are away from home so unless you regularly spend the festivities away; it’s hardly going to be traditional.

There can be ways in which you make it as traditional as can be. For example, targeting a break which at least celebrates Christmas with you can make the difference, and make the trip away feel more homely, so to speak.

Beware of the different traffic patterns

We’re talking about Christmas, so a reference to traffic sounds utterly boring. Unfortunately, it needs to be done, and over the festivities, you will find that the traffic patterns are much different.

Generally, the roads are extremely busy on the days around Christmas, while rush hour times are completely skewed. When this is coupled with the potentially treacherous winter roads, it goes without saying that you need to plan a little more time for your travel.

Think twice about your Christmas meal

Something else that you need to be wary of is the restaurant-factor. For years you may have slogged away over the oven as your turkey cooks, but when it comes to travelling away this onus is usually transferred to a restaurant.

Unfortunately, just turning up on the day tends to be out of the question. Firstly, not a huge number of restaurants tend to be open on the day itself, while secondly even if they are the reservations tend to stretch back weeks. It means that turning up and hoping for the best just isn’t going to cut it – unless you happen to be visiting a far-from ideal place!

There are locals to “contend” with as well

Hopefully, you’ve not been put off the idea of travelling over Christmas. It really can be a fantastic way to spend the festivities and the purpose of this article is just to highlight some of the things you might have to think about as you consider your trip.

This final point revolves around factoring in the locals. You might be visiting a so-called tourist destination, but due to the holidays, locals are probably going to be visiting as well. It means that many attractions will be exceptionally busy, and you’ll have to contend with longer than normal waiting times.

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