These Are Your Weekend Friends

When you live a busy lifestyle, each weekend is sacred. You want to make the most of the two days you don’t have to wake up early and stress the whole day at work. You want to sleep in, stay in your pajamas, and order takeout–or do you? 

Weekends are for relaxation, but they don’t have to be unhealthy. These should be your best friends instead: 

Fresh Sheets 

One of life’s greatest and simplest joys is brought on by the smell of fresh sheets. You have that urge to sleep in, but that’s probably one of the first things you should cut from your weekend routine. When you sleep in during the weekends, you’re ruining your sleep schedule and making it hard to wake up early on Monday. Instead of those extra unproductive hours in bed, get up when you usually do, strip your bed naked of week-old sheets, and give them fresh ones. This way, you get in bed on Saturday night with a nice surprise and have a relaxing sleep.   



You can take things slowly during the weekends and give yourself a few minutes more in the bath. That means you have time for physical exfoliants such as scrubs, which can be part of your extended skincare routine. On weekdays, you have time for your toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen before you wear makeup. On weekends, give your skin that extra pampering and help with cell turnover by using skin exfoliants and face masks. You can even do your weekly face toner online shopping while you’re letting your skin soak up all the ingredients in your sheet mask. Now that’s a relaxing way to multitask! 

Scented Candles 

You don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself to relaxing scents. Bath bombs sure make your bath more luxurious, and if you follow it up with scented candles, you’re practically giving yourself the spa treatment at home. Self-care doesn’t need to cost you hundreds of dollars each week when you can buy candles that can last you multiple uses. It will leave the room smelling amazing too. 

Old Movies 

After you’ve given yourself a long and luxurious bath, it’s time to do something you love. If you’re a fan of old movies, prepare the popcorn and curl up in front of the TV. If you’re into Netflix shows, go ahead and binge-watch for a couple of hours. It’s perfectly okay to do nothing else while you watch your shows, but if you don’t want to feel unproductive, go ahead and prepare dishes you can freeze and reheat for the week. Fold your freshly laundered clothes. Organize your purse. Clean out the trash. Replace all the pillowcases. Do your nails. There are a lot of things you can do that will improve your life but will not make your weekend stressful. Then, when it’s time to turn in, your fresh sheets will hug you comfortably. 

Who doesn’t want to spend their weekends not doing anything? But instead of lazing around and calling it self-care, do productive things that revolve around relaxation and will prepare you for the upcoming week.


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