Northwest WI Pole Barns Offer the Perfect Solution for Many in Need of a New Structure on Their Property

Many property owners, when they wish to have a structure constructed on their property, overlook pole barns as an option. Doing so could be a mistake. Pole barns, often referred to as post-frame buildings, come with countless options, making them the ideal choice for individuals who need a customized building. How is this type of structure able to meet the needs of so many?


When a person goes to learn more about Northwest WI Pole Barns, they discover they can choose from a range of materials. Options available today include steel, wood, vinyl, and cement board. A person might even request pressboard fiber strand for their pole barn exterior siding.

Depending on what the building will hold, the builder can create a two-story structure or a farm building complete with a loft. Pavillions serve as an option with equipment storage buildings being another. The person requesting the building should speak with the builder to determine which options best meet their needs.


A person might find erecting a building on their property will require a significant amount of planning and preparation. For instance, the ground must be level before a person can erect a structure using traditional building techniques. This isn’t the case with post-frame buildings. They don’t require a foundation, so they can be placed on uneven ground with ease.


A person might assume they cannot construct a building on their property as they simply cannot afford a project of this type. The ease of construction of post-frame buildings put these structures within the reach of many. In addition, the owner determines the complexity of the structure, which helps them control the final cost of the project. Pole barns use fewer materials than the conventional counterparts, and the owner chooses the materials. To save money, a person might choose to remove any brick, cement, or steel from the project. This helps to keep costs down and is only one of many ways a person can make their pole barn affordable.


When a person hears the term pole barn, they may worry that the building won’t withstand the elements. They could believe the poles may bend or break in a strong wind and will never survive a blizzard that dumps tons of snow on the roof. When they speak to a pole barn builder, they are surprised to learn that post-frame construction actually produces a stronger building than is seen with other construction methods.

The building easily withstands winds thanks to the columns placed in the ground, and the horizontally connected posts help ensure the building remains standing in strong winds or an earthquake. As the trusses are directly attached to the post-frame, the chances of the roof detaching from the building are almost non-existent. Post-frame structures create a diaphragm effect which ensures the building flexes under stress rather than crumbling, cracking, or collapsing.

Don’t assume a pole barn will detract from the curb appeal of the property. The classic look of these structures ensures the addition of a post-frame structure enhances the property rather than detracting from it. The price is what draws many to this option and the other benefits cement their decision to go this route.

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