Make a Promise of Eternal Love With Exquisite Promise Rings!

  • Rings are an exquisite option to show and prove your love for everyone to see! And if you are showing your commitment to your partner or planning an engagement in the future, promise rings are one of the best ways to do it! These rings do not have to be just for a promise as well – you could exchange a promise ring with your partner as the first step towards a wedding in the future. If you plan to give your partner a promise ring or want to get couple rings, and do not know where to start, read on to learn more!

The Best Types of Promise rings

Promise rings come in so many different designs and materials that you will be overwhelmed by the wonderful options you could choose from! Some popular types of promise rings include:

  1. Diamond rings

Diamonds have always remained timeless, classic, and beautiful, making them a highly attractive option for rings. So, if you want a classic options, going for diamond promise rings can be a beautiful way to signify your promise of eternal love. However, remember that promise rings are smaller than a normal diamond engagement ring, making it a very affordable option! These rings often feature smaller diamonds set together to form a cluster or a single solitaire piece. Depending on the number of stones in the diamonds, these are set to form many beautiful designs.

  1. Gemstone rings

Add flair to your partner’s finger by giving them a beautiful gemstone ring to make your promise! Some very popular gemstone ring options that people go for are heart-shaped ruby rings and sapphire pink halo promise rings, but these are not just your options; you can look for more designs in vibrant colours to pick out the right one! Gemstone rings are an amazing option if you want to personalise this piece of jewellery and make it something more unique to your partner’s taste.

  1. Rings without stones

If stone-embellished rings do not match your personal style,  you could always go for rings that do not feature any stones. This is a well-desired option among people who are not into rich materials and colours. Another great thing about plain promise rings is that it allows you to personalise this piece of jewellery by engraving a pattern, a message, name, or any other special design personal to your relationship! If plain promise rings are your thing, then go for ones made out of rose gold or white gold, since these would be beautiful promise ring options for your partner and you!

Tips to Choosing the Right Promise Ring

Choosing a promise ring can sometimes be easy since all you have to do is choose a design that you think your partner will love. However, if you have zero ideas on where to start, here are a few tips to help you pick the right promise ring!

  1. Begin with the metal

No matter where you decide to purchase one from, you must have noticed the different metals that promise rings come in. You can get varieties in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and silver. You do not always have to go for expensive options like platinum to get your partner a beautiful ring. Choose a metal that fits your budget well, and make sure it goes well with your partner’s style!

  1. The Style of the Ring

Once you have finalised the metal, the next important thing you need to do is choose a beautiful promise ring style. Most people purchasing promise rings go for the ones featuring a heart symbol, but with so many trendy options out there, you do not have to do that! All you have to do is make sure the design is classy and trendy enough to suit your partner’s taste, and you can consider the stones and their setting easily after that!

  1. Matching Your Partner’s Taste

You must already know your partner’s likes and dislikes when it comes to jewellery and clothing. Regardless, it is advised to spend a few days observing if you still have not noticed anything like that. Notice the jewellery pieces she usually wears, observe their fashion preferences, and ask whether they are into minimal or statement pieces. If you still have no idea what to get, you can always tell them about your decision to get a promise ring and even go shopping for a ring together!

Promise rings are a beautiful way to make a promise of eternal and unwavering love for your partner. So, get a pair of couples’ promise rings and solidify your love! With the help of this guide, now you can not only choose between different kinds of rings, but you also know what to look for when shopping for them.

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