The foam sword is one of the most widely used imitation weapons globally. Whether it is cosplay or larping, foam weapons come in handy without you wasting lots of money. This weapon is relatively easy to build, and you can easily make one independently without much help. However, when it is time to sustain these armaments, lots of people neglect to do that. Most replica weapons wear out with time and may need you to repaint them.

The cosmetization of a LARP sword can be quite challenging. The paint compounds may eat out the swords’ foam in a matter of seconds. Ensure you use the right paints to style your weapons. But the fact is that it is not everybody that knows the deal.

In this article, we will tutor you on how to paint a foam sword and restore it with issues. This guide will be useful to people who are having a tough time cosmetizing their LARP weapon, recoloring their latex weapon, and repainting their old foam weapon.

So, without delay, let’s get to it.

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How to Paint Foam Weapons?

Whether you carry a foam sword to enhance your ensemble or a contestant in the LARP contest, it entails looking real and attractive. Getting an elegant cosplay will not be useful if you aren’t holding a notable weapon.

Some people hide the weapon with duct tape to make it fight fit. However, this approach is not the best because it gives the gun a hideous look. Painting the foam sword is the best way; let’s check out how you’ll do it.

  1. Cover the foam weapon in a fabric

This is the perfect method for those who don’t like using latex. Wrap the sword in a malleable fabric like a woman’s stockings. It will give you the nonchalance to apply the paint the proper way. A woman’s stocking is not expensive to get. Moreover, they are in various colors.

Step by Step Process

Step 1: Get a pair of a woman’s leggings or stockings. Buy the closed-toe leggings.

Step 2: Wrap the sword. Pull one of the legs aloft and cut the other part.

Step 3: Use rope, tape, or rubber bands to tie the sword leg.

Step 4: Use the paint on the foam sword as you wish.

If you lack access to a woman’s leggings, you can get any stretchy material and sew it like a woman’s stockings.

  1. Use latex covering to paint

To do this, you need the following supplies:

  • Silicone spray
  • Paintbrush
  • Acrylic paints
  • Translucent liquid latex

This method requires no covering or taping.

Step 1: Get solvent latex and pour it into a container.

Step 2: Begin the painting by using your paintbrush to put the coat of latex on the armament. Apply the added coat after about 25 to 40 minutes.

Step 3: Coat the latex base with four to five paint layers. Before applying this paint, ensure that it contains no alloy chips, which can corrode latex.

Step 4: Wait for the overlay to get dry. Once it is dry, use silicone spray to make the surface shiny.


Foam swords are quite easy to purchase but are not easy to maintain. Cometizing a replica sword is even more challenging as the paint’s chemical usually damages the outer part of the foam sword. Ensure you follow the steps above in maintaining your sword.

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