Christmas gift guide: What to buy someone who smokes


We all have a smoker in our lives. Whether you support their habit or not, the chances are that you’ll be looking to buy them something for Christmas to tell them that you love them and that might involve smoking. Whilst we’re not saying you should head to the off-license and buy them a packet of cigarettes, we can give you some great Christmas gift ideas

Cigarette alternatives

With the menthol cigarette ban coming into force in the United Kingdom and the European Union in 2020, now might be the time for your loved one to start thinking about an alternative to cigarettes. Let’s face it: cigarettes are getting pretty expensive, so if you can find a safer and cheaper alternative that has the same effect, then it could be a great gift for Christmas.

Smoking container

Turning up to an event with a packet of cigarettes in your hand won’t give off the best first impression, so consider treating your loved one to a smoking container where they can store their cigarettes and a lighter safely in their pocket or handbag. It keeps everything they need to smoke in one place and ensures that their cigarettes don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Stop smoking book

This one will be controversial, but it’s definitely worth a mention. If you want your loved one to quit smoking but don’t know how to give them the right push, consider buying them a stop smoking book or kit for Christmas. They’re super affordable and will help you to demonstrate to your loved one that you care about their health and wellbeing, without being too pushy. In fact, some kits even include materials such as nicotine patches and gums to ease them off of cigarettes slowly, and it might be the nudge they need to make a step in the right direction.

Biodegradable filters

Did you know that five trillion cigarette butts make their way into our environment every year? In fact, they’re harming our wildlife and seas, representing up to 38% of all plastic waste found in our oceans. Treat the smoker in your life to biodegradable filters so they can do their bit for the environment; they’ll be able to compost their butts once they’re finished.

A new ashtray

Every smoker needs an ashtray! Upgrade their standard clear glass tray with something that reminds them of you, whether it’s a novelty tray like a snail or a turtle, or something more advanced like a tabletop ashtray with a magnetic lid. There are so many options to consider!

Roller box

If your partner rolls their own cigarettes, then you’re probably sick of seeing the skins and tobacco lying around the house. Buy them a roller box for Christmas so they can store all of their tobacco, skins, and accessories in one place; then, when they’re in the mood for a cig, they’ll have their own makeshift “cigarette station”, preventing mess and keeping everything out of sight. Choose a design that represents their personality and they’ll love you forever!

We hope that our suggestions have been useful to you – let us know what you end up buying your loved one and be sure to get in touch if you have any other recommendations to add.

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