Bad Habits Of Photographers

Sometimes it seems that we sabotage ourselves because we have and maintain horrible habits that always cause us problems as photographers, that’s why we gather here some so that you do take action and stop doing it without going to a self-help group.

Not Formatting Memory Cards Before Using Them Again.

You download your photos, you forget to delete your memory card, start taking pictures, and suddenly you realize that the card was not clean, it is late to remove everything and now you must:

  1. a) hold on with those photos until you download again in the computer (and of course forget about that space on the card to take pictures) or
  2. b) sit down to erase one by one and spend your time and your battery on it.

Lack of equipment maintenance

Just as we do with our health, we live in a culture of emergency when we should go to the doctor as a preventive culture. So we apply it also with our equipment, we go until they stop working correctly instead of spending part of the income on regular maintenance and that applies to tripods, lighting equipment, cameras, and others. Ask about these types of services with authorized distributors or directly with your camera provider.

Taking Time To Deliver Jobs

Sometimes this is a result of several of the above points (here we exclude cases where clients do not cooperate to deliver work to them). We refer to the custom of not considering editing (time underestimated in many cases) as part of the work and some edit until they already require 50% of the payment for the delivery of the material.

Losing items

You want to start your day as soon as possible and take photos, and it is easy for you to put the camera cap in your pants bag, you do the same with an extra memory you carry. Then they get in your way, they get out of the pants and get to another site, and from there they get lost. Those accessories tend to have sad endings. So it is better to give them a place that you can always use and no matter where you are.

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