5 Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Some Extra Help Around the House

Did you know in 2010 there were around 40.3 million seniors living in the United States? That number increased to about 54 million in the year 2019. That means there were 54 million people living in America who were over the age of 65.

As we age, we notice changes within ourselves and our loved ones. For example, you may notice your mother struggling to tie her shoelaces. Or your father forgetting to take his medication on time.

If this is your situation, think about hiring an aide for your elderly parent. Keep reading to find out 5 signs your elderly parent needs a little extra help and why you should consider assisted living.

1. Difficulty Performing Basic Tasks

You may notice an increase in phone calls from your mother asking you to take her to the store. This is somewhat normal for many seniors. But, if you notice she’s having difficulty completing daily tasks, she may need help.

Basic tasks include the following:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Moving around the home

If your elderly parents have issues performing daily tasks, think about assisted living.

If you have a live-in assistant caring for your elderly parents, it will improve their life. Try Supporting Seniors to ensure the best care possible for your elderly parents.

2. Changes in Physical Appearance

If you’re visiting your father and you notice he isn’t as well-groomed as he usually is, this may be a sign he needs help. For example, are all the buttons on his shirt done up? Is his hair combed and has he remembered to wear pants today? 

Other signs include:

  • Weight loss
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Burns on skin

These are three signs your elderly parents may need some extra help.

3. Mental State

Have you noticed any changes in your parents’ mental state? Do they lack motivation? Or have no interest in old hobbies?

Losing interest in hobbies is one sign seniors may need assisted living. When it becomes difficult to do things we used to love, we lose motivation.

4. Damaged Appliances

Your mom’s coffee machine has been broken for months. While it doesn’t seem to bother her, you’re worried.

Broken or damaged appliances stop seniors from cooking or eating. If you notice broken appliances around your parents’ home, think about assisted living.

5. Dirty or Messy Home

Seniors often have a difficult time cleaning. But you may not always have availability in your schedule to help your mom clean her house as often as you’d like.

That’s where taking care of elderly parents becomes a challenge. If this is an increasing problem for your elderly parent, assisted living may help.

Assisted Living for Your Elderly Parent

Assisted living helps your elderly parents perform tasks they couldn’t do on their own. For example, if your mom couldn’t cook for herself before, now she will get help. She will most likely start sticking to scheduled meals because of assisted living.

Your elderly parent may also need help bathing or cleaning their home. Assisted living helps with that too, and will make sure your parents’ home is spick-and-span. For more articles on how assisted living helps seniors, visit our website today.

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