5 Great Reasons to Move to The Costa Blanca

There are many reasons why people want to move to the Costa Blanca, says Juan Jiminez from www.javeaproperty.com. Many want to move because of fond memories of past holidays, perhaps having regularly vacationed in Spain over many years. On the other hand, others have never actually visited but want to see or move to the Costa Blanca because they’ve heard good things about the area. Here are five of the top reasons to move to the Costa Blanca.

1) Fabulous Weather

The weather in Costa Blanca is wonderful. With an average annual temperature of 18 degrees C (64.5 degrees F), over three hundred days of sunshine, and low humidity, year-round outdoor activities become a reality. You can wave goodbye to miserable damp days that seem to last from autumn to spring and bring on ”seasonal affective disorder” (SAD).

2) Amazing Scenery

The 170 miles of Costa Blanca coastline is one of the most beautiful and diverse regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea. With a host of clean sandy beaches and many small bays tucked away in the North of the Costa Blanca, protected by rugged mountains, the scenery is magnificent.

Orange and olive groves, vineyards, almond trees, and stately palm trees abound, and everywhere, virtually all year round, wild and cultivated flowers can be seen in all their glory.

3) Lifestyle Options

The numerous towns and villages offer an enormous variety of quality of living options. Benidorm with its great nightlife, casino, spectacular beach, theme and amusement parks, and a multitude of attractions, not forgetting the Benidorm Palace, rated by many as the best floorshow outside Las Vegas, is hard to beat for all-round family entertainment. Alicante, in the middle of the Costa, is a vibrant industrial and tourist city with excellent shopping.

For those yearning for the peace and quiet of the rural life there are plenty of opportunities inland from the coast. All along the coast, you can find towns and villages ranging from quiet backwaters to active, vibrant communities. Many of the villages and towns in the ”campo” are rich in architectural history and enjoy the slow pace of life that has endured for centuries.

4) Easy Access

Contrary to popular perceptions, the main roads are comparable to the best in Europe, and rarely do you encounter a traffic jam except occasionally passing through Alicante.

There are good local train services, and the rail travel to and from major Spanish cities is exceptional and great value. Just remember to book these main line services in advance. Air travel to other European cities is well catered for, and access to Valencia Airport in the north, Alicante Airport at the Centre, and Murcia airport in the South means that wherever you are on the Costa Blanca you are never more than about an hour’s drive away from an airport. There are also frequent bus connections throughout the region.

5) Excellent Health

The Costa Blanca is considered one of the healthiest regions in the world to live in, according to the World Health Organization. Because of the mild climate, many people with arthritis, a disease that can cripple, gain relief after living here for a while.

The typical Mediterranean diet, consisting of a large proportion of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish accompanied by olive oil, contributes to the inhabitants’ longevity. Medical services are, on the whole, much better than in the UK, with lower waiting times on average, and the standard of medical care and hygiene is high.

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