3 Tips on How to Learn to Play Drums Quickly

One, two, three, hit it! If you want to learn to play drums, you’re sure to be looking forward to jamming with the band on stage.

However, that’s a long way away, as you’re only just starting out as a drummer. Learning to play the drums can be lots of fun, but it always requires perseverance and discipline to master your hobby.

Wondering how you can learn to play the drums quickly? If so, keep reading to find three top tips that will have you drumming on stage in no time!

  1. Take Drumming Lessons

If you want to drum learns, you need to master the basics. There’s a lot you need to know, including timing, reading music, tempo, and how to learn different beats.

One of the best ways to do this is by taking drum lessons, where you can meet with an experienced instructor each week to learn. This is also useful if you don’t have your own equipment, as many drum schools will have drums and gear that students can use.

If you can’t afford in-person lessons, or don’t live near a music school, then try to learn drums online—there are plenty of websites where you can learn drums online, both free and paid.

  1. Set Up a Regular Practice Routine

They say practice makes perfect, so the best way to learn drums is with daily practice. Set up a practice room in your home, ideally in your basement or in a spare room where you won’t disturb the rest of the household.

You’ll want to have all the equipment you need, such as drums, drumsticks, and pads—check out drummingpalace.com if you need to pick anything up.

Then, block out time in your schedule where you can practice each day. Start with beats and rhythm, then move onto easy songs to learn on drums—you’ll be impressed at how quickly you learn with daily practice.

  1. Master Your Timing

One of the most important roles of a drummer is to keep time within the band. Everyone else you’re playing with depends on the drummer to keep to tempo, so drummers should devote time to learning how to keep time.

A metronome can help you learn to keep time, measuring BPM (Beats per minute). It’s always best to start slow, then speed up once you feel more confident in your skills.

Learn to Play Drums With These Tips

If you’re ready to learn a fun and exciting new skill, there’s nothing better than drumming! With the tips above, you can learn to play drums with ease.

With the right equipment, some dedication, and a bit of skill, you’ll be up and drumming before you know it! As a drummer, you can have fun playing at home with your friends, start a local band, or even go on to pursue a career as a professional musician—the sky’s the limit!

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