Where Can I Find Great Storage Discounts?


Have you found yourself just overwhelmed with items throughout your house? Are you moving out and need to keep some of your possessions stored away safely? There are many reasons that you may need a storage unit, whether it’s a temporary fix or a long-term solution to a storage problem. However, you want to not only find the storage space that best fits your needs but also make sure you aren’t breaking the bank each month to keep your stuff safe. Let’s take a look at some of the discounts you may be able to score from a storage facility.

Sign-Up Promotions

For some storage facilities, the savings for signees start from when you are shopping for a unit. These storage discounts are offered through various cities and facilities, with some offering a percentage of savings on their monthly storage rent. In some cases, facilities will offer promotions like $1 for the first month’s rent to entice you to keep your items stored away for a specific period of time. These climate-control environments are designed to make sure that whatever you need to stow away is done so but at a limited cost or concern to the user.

You may be able to score a discount for going after a larger unit with some specials that are made available at an eligible facility. The time of move-in can also impact savings, with some facilities offering up the best price during a time of year where there is not a significant amount of traction in and out of the units. This provides some peace of mind for those storing their belongings while bringing in some rent for the venue.

Reason for the Unit

The cost of a self-storage unit can sometimes be impacted by why you need to utilize the storage space. For example, storage facilities located near colleges and universities offer discounts to students to store their belongings from their dormitory to keep near their school while they go back home for the winter or summer break. This saves a lot of lugging of valuables to and from their current house and assures that these items are stored safely and securely. Special promotions can remain in place all year long for students who may not have enough room in their dorms.

There are also military discounts made available to those officers who are deployed to serve. With a military ID, many storage facilities will offer savings for the extension of their leave. This will make sure that their items are kept safe and that any facility bills are properly handled. This could involve a few months of rent being discounted to ensure that those who protect us have peace of mind anytime they leave home.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Units

Depending on your storage needs, you may require an indoor unit for climate control and the safekeeping of your belongings. However, outdoor storage spaces are traditionally cheaper than indoor spaces. Outdoor storage units after often kept just as secure by a facility, with units located behind a passcode or key-protected fence. These are also more convenient for people who need immediate access to their items, like businesses that may have to load up or unload inventory at a moment’s notice.

It’s also convenient for car, RV, motorcycle, boat, or trailer storage, allowing for an easier drive in and out. If you don’t need the climate-controlled option, an outdoor storage unit may be the way to go. Be sure to see the storage options that a facility has to offer, as well as the instant promotions that they can provide to immediately suit your storage needs.

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