Wedding Season: How to Plan an Autumn Wedding

It’s wedding season! 

At least it may seem so, as everybody seems to know someone who is making the most of the post-covid liberation and getting married in the near future.

The stats back this up too, with Fortune reporting the industry to make a cool $2.77 million this year, a 30% increase on the pre-pandemic world of 2019.

Are you among them? Congratulations, if so! Especially if you’ve chosen to have an autumn wedding.

While summer and spring call other things to mind, autumn weddings have a charm all of their own. 

Want to be sure to capture it in all its glory? Then our guide is for you, as we break down the most important things to keep in mind to ensure your big day is one to remember.

Get Your Venue Right

Having an autumn wedding captures the idea of warm hues and cozy nights. But it can mean different things depending on where you are, especially when talking about the weather. 

To take advantage of the environment when choosing your wedding venue, it is worth considering a place that not only takes into account the season but also can be a refuge if the weather turns. 

Barns, lodges, and orchards are all wonderful harvest time spots that can easily take on the charm of the times. The great thing is that with most of these places you will find the capacity to have your wedding inside and out, leaving your options open when dealing with the typical outdoor vs indoor wedding conundrum. 

Take Advantage of the Season 

The allure of an autumn wedding lies in the special time of year it is in nature. So make sure to take advantage of this when thinking of all aspects of your special day that will appeal to the senses. 

Give your wedding the rustic vibe that will make it stand out by using flowers like dahlias, marigolds, and other flowers that are in season for your bouquet. Table decorations and other floral arrangements can be taken up a notch by adding berries, leaves, and grasses. 

Another area where the fact that you are having a fall wedding can take center stage is in an area that normally puts a smile on most people’s faces.


It would be a shame to miss out on all that homely and hearty food that is making its way to the stores and restaurants near you. See if you can incorporate a seasonal menu, maybe starting with a warm soup and followed by some form of roasted vegetables and meat of your choice.

Mmmnnn…we can smell it now, delicious!

Don’t Forget About the Light 

When planning a wedding in autumn it is easy to forget that our most constant of elements should be taken into account.

In between planning when to be picked up, what time people are getting to the wedding venue and when the cocktails will start photos sometimes get squashed into the typical bridal no man’s land while guests are otherwise occupied. 

But depending on what time your wedding starts you could miss the best light for your photos. Remember that there are approximately 1 and a half hours of prime sunlight at this time of year. Make sure you consult with your photographer about when they suggest you should be taking them. 

Remember, your photos are one of the few timeless remnants of what will no doubt seem to be a fleeting 24hrs. Take action to get ones possible on the day.

Have an Autumn Wedding to Fall For

We hope that our breakdown of the priceless elements of an autumn wedding has been able to give you the insights you needed for the big day.

If you are looking for more inspiration then please check out the rest of the other nuptial-related content on our site! 

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