The Right Supplements to Improve Our Skin and Beauty

6 Supplements for Healthy Skin | 100% PURE

The secret to healthy skin comes from within, with proper diet and exercise. An effective skincare routine that works for your individual skin type and condition is also detrimental

Furthermore, the vitamins we take in are also a huge factor in our skin health. And if our diets or physical conditions cause us to be deficient in certain nutrients, it’s best to use supplements from brands like pure encapsulations from Supplement First.

Before you get all the supplements labeled ‘improve your skin’, check out this list of vitamins to improve our skin and beauty to get the right ones.

1.    Vitamin D

This vitamin is absorbed by the liver and kidneys, then transported throughout your body for production of healthy cells. Healthy skin cells are created thanks to vitamin D, and it is actually an important part in our skin tones. Vitamin D might even be able to help treat skin conditions like psoriasis and skin inflammation.

You may get vitamin D from getting 10 minutes of sun exposure daily (with doctor’s approval), and eating the right food. But if you are still deficient, you can get supplements or topical creams to help increase your vitamin D intake. It is recommended to take in 600 IU of vitamin D a day, or more if you are pregnant or over 70 years old.

2.    Vitamin C

Vitamin C isn’t only helpful for our immune systems, but our skin as well. This vitamin is found in our epidermis and the dermis, which are our outer and inner layers of the skin, respectively.

This vitamin has cancer-fighting properties (antioxidants) and helps with collagen production, which is why it’s a vital nutrient to help keep the skin healthy. You can find vitamin C as a key ingredient in a lot of antiaging skincare products!

When you take vitamin C supplements, it can help increase the effectiveness of sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Furthermore, it helps reduce the signs of aging, reduces wrinkles, and even repair and/or prevent dry skin!

It is recommended to take in 1,000mg of vitamin C a day through your diet and by taking supplements from reputable brands like pure supplements.

3.    Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, similar to vitamin C. The main function of this vitamin is to protect the skin from sun damage, through absorbing the harmful UV rays of the sun. As a result, your skin is also protected from the risk of dark spots and wrinkles.

This vitamin is also helpful in preventing dry skin and in treating skin inflammation, which is also why it is a key ingredient in skincare products.

Most adults will require around 15mg of vitamin E daily. You can increase your vitamin E intake by taking a multivitamin or vitamin E supplement, use topical products with vitamins C and E, and to include more nuts and seeds in your diet.

Wrapping It Up

Everybody’s goal is to have clear and healthy skin! Remember, it isn’t just about using topical formulas, but it’s a complex practice with our diet, emotions, and overall lifestyle playing a huge role in it.

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