The Influence of Celebrity Culture on Cosmetic Procedures 

Celebrities hold a tremendous amount of power in the cosmetic industry and have the ability to influence the general public.

study used Google Trends (GT) Analysis by tracking global search volumes and found that celebrities influence public interest in plastic surgery procedures. The GT database compared search volumes for specific treatments, such as lip augmentation and prophylactic mastectomy, from the month preceding respective celebrity announcements.

The Desire to Look Like a Celebrity

When the general public witnesses a physical change in a celebrity, they often feel the desire to achieve similar traits. Many people do this by trying different types of fillers to determine which one looks closest to their desired outlook. Whether they want to make their lips fuller like a particular celebrity, or reverse signs of aging, fillers are often a top choice as it is a non-invasive procedure with a low risk of complications.

A Cosmetic Surgery and Celebrity Culture study found that celebrity bodies become key sites of identification, imitation and desire for the general public. The study used a cultural sociological basis to analyze individuals and revealed that ordinary people are prepared to undergo cosmetic surgery to look like celebrities.

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More Clinics Offering Treatments

More businesses have emerged to meet the rising demand for fillers and other cosmetic procedures. Although celebrities visit exclusive clinics for their treatments, many other medical clinics and spas offer the general public the same level of quality and care.

The broad access to a range of clinics allows individuals to get closer to their aesthetic goals. Although cosmetic procedure results vary among people, some patients may show their injectors photos of their favorite celebrity as inspiration so that the results look similar.

Social Media Sparks General Publics’ Interest

When celebrity photos appear online, they circulate swiftly on social media. The global use of social media makes it easy for many users to access a celebrity’s cosmetic surgery news.

In this case, social media is considered a driving force, as a study finds that 95 percent of patients considering a cosmetic procedure had consulted an online source, including social media.

The study also revealed that 45 percent of plastic surgeons believed that their consultations became more accessible after the advent of social media.

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People Trust Celebrity Decisions

Although most of the general public don’t know their favorite celebrities personally, many rely on celebrities to make cosmetic decisions. When people notice positive outcomes of cosmetic treatment on a celebrity, they may urge to try the procedure on themselves.

Although results can widely vary among people, some of the general public put faith in celebrities who may endorse or promote a particular treatment. Observing the results of the celebrities helps them make decisions about what type of cosmetic treatment to get to achieve similar results.

The connection between celebrity and public choices reveals celebrity culture’s power on society. As highlighted in this article, celebrities influence the general public in many ways. Sometimes, the influence can help ordinary people feel better in their bodies and boost their confidence with cosmetic procedures.

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