The best way to earn money with your fantasy player

The Fantasy player is an avatar of you which is confident of your chosen players doing well in a cricket game and getting you points which translate into money eventually. How does this work? Well, it is pretty simple. You select players for a particular game which you think you are confident about and expect them to perform at the top of their game in this particular match.

So, what do you do to make sure that the Fantasy avatar of yours does not lose money and gets some cash going into your bank account? Well, here are a few tips which we think can help you get more out of your teams.

The best way to earn for starters is to select the right contest. There are multiple contests on the apps and it is where you find the right combination for yourself. How it usually works is when you invest more money into a contest, you usually get higher returns. But if you want to first test your waters, it is advisable that you go ahead with competitions which are not that risky.  Once you are confident of your teams, it is then that you can start investing bigger.

What you cannot ignore in these competitions is the luck factor. Luck plays a really important role in the success of your fantasy team. Since you are not in control of your performance, it is always speculative and that is always something that will involve that element of risk. However, what works in your favor is the fact that the intangible is the same for every single player. When every one is playing a speculative game, it is a level playing field.

Then it is all about selecting the appropriate team. The appropriate teams are ones which have a good combination of players who score runs and take wickets and take catches and effect runouts. The points that you earn are evaluated against the rest of the teams in contest. Once that contest sets rolling and the game is at its best, you see the leaderboard flickering. The players score and the fantasy players start racking up the points. Be sure to pick up players who can offer from a multi-faceted level. If you have a player who can bat and bowl and field, you know that he is going to be one player who can earn you points in many different places.

Another very important aspect of choosing a team is getting the captaincy and vice-captaincy choices right for yourself. Now this is an aspect of the game which usually decides the top select few winners of the competition. The captain is the player who sees his points doubled and the vice-captain is the player who gets 1.5 times the points that he gets. This is the one factor which often determines whether you win money or lose money. Often if you have a good captain, you can make up for a couple of bad choices, which are eventually bound to happen.

There is also another factor here. Sometimes, you also have option of creating and submitting multiple teams for one competition. This may help you where you are taking chances with the form of a particular player. You can get more points right here and also make sure that if you lose points in one team you can use these free cricket betting tips to get back up and recover and get even.

These tips can help you do well in this game and get richer with some fantasy sports

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