The Best Miami Cabaret Shows

The Miami cabaret is small, but it packs a powerful punch. However, there may not be a cabaret establishment on every corner, the ones that we do have pack a point and are well worth your time. Some are modeled after the well-known Cuban cabarets of days gone by, while others, believe it or not, include mermaids.

Hopping from the finest bars to the best restaurants, to the best clubs in Miami is an activity that may be added to your calendar since it is a fun, out-of-the-box activity to add to your itinerary. After all, what could be more typical of Miami than a live cabaret performance?

1. Theater Of The Faena

Even though it’s not a cabaret-specific location, the Faena Theater is worth keeping an eye on. The Faena Theater is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to see a show in the whole city, even though tickets to see a show there are pretty expensive. And the dancing that you’ll witness within those golden walls is unparalleled in the world.

2. Kuba Cabana

It is always a party, but on some Thursday nights, you will have the opportunity to experience its new Kubaret, which begins with a cocktail hour and is then followed by a three-course meal and a performance.

3. Wreck Bar

One of the bastions of a Carbet show art form that is on the verge of extinction in Fort Lauderdale: is the mermaid show. Every weekend, visitors may see a complete underwater cabaret routine performed by performers costumed as sirens. The performance is viewed via portholes located behind the bar.

4. Goldrush

Goldrush is a “Proper Cabaret” that brings together the most exciting aspects of Miami nightlife with the most talented cabaret artists in the city. An experience that is seductive, lively, and provocative within the 15,000 square feet club with various stages, a complete liquor bar, VIP spaces, huge discussion rooms, and skybox suites. You can visit for booking the tickets right away.

5. Burlesque Dinner Party

Burlesque Dinner Party is a burlesque and variety event once a month at Vagabond Kitchen & Bar in Miami’s MiMo District. The show is put on by Moon River Cabaret. The fact that the show includes classic burlesque, singing, and stand-up comedy, as well as a comprehensive food and drink menu, all within the context of an event that is appropriate for the participation of the whole family, helps the event win the top position in this list.

6. Shameless Burlesque, Miami -Dade

Holly Peno, Nicole Resnick, Morgan La Rue, and Aurora Natrix launched Shameless Burlesque in 2008 with a performance at Churchill’s Pub titled A Vaudeville Vibe. The evening was hosted by Shameless Burlesque. Since then, the company has given concerts in Miami, such as the nightclub the Vagabond, Will Call, Moonshine, and Purdy Lounge, among others.

7. Broward County’s Very Own Shimmy Shake Revue

The “Drop Dead Red Head,” Morgan La Rue, is the founder of the burlesque act known as the Shimmy Shake Revue, which debuted in 2011. In addition to artists from all over the globe, the revue boasts a revolving cast of “sultry seductresses” from Shameless Burlesque and the Ritz Glitz Revue.

8. Erika Moon Production

Viva Paris International Show is a Parisian, and Las Vegas-style showgirl revue performed regularly at the Colony Theater in Miami and other venues in South Florida. Erika Moon production is the producer of the show.

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