The best fall trends you must have in your closet

Sometimes we tend to make reckless decisions. For instance, we see a cute pair of shoes or a nice bag on our favorite celebrity, and we are instantly Googling things like “green bag” or “chunky black boots” in hopes of finding one.

Or, we end up on a super random website and find a gorgeous dress, that makes us lose control and add it to a chat. And, let’s not start with seasonal clothes because we will never end this post.

Every few months, fashion trends change, giving people a lot of variety and enabling them to wear different types of clothes, not only stick to traditional pieces. However, this also leads to fast fashion, a phenomenon where companies tend to produce clothes rapidly, influenced by mass-market and in response to the latest trends.

We have prepared a couple of trends London stylists suggest, and we believe they will be an absolute hit this fall.


Many consider this piece of clothes an ultimate closet staple, so it’s pretty likely you already have one in your closet. Regardless of its color and whether it’s a pastel shade, striped, or white, this season’s button-downs will be more than beneficial in various situations.

Make this piece of clothing your go-to layer. For example, when you aren’t wearing a sweater or a jacket, a button-down can be a foundation for your look. You can even pair it with a blazer or a vest.


To be honest, we spend too much time in our lounge pants and sweats to even bother with trousers. Many people like to feel comfortable, and they don’t want to experience a stiff pair of jeans. But we now have oversized work pants or so-called trousers, and they are more versatile than ever.

To make them fit your fall routine, you wear trousers like pants because they are now viewed as a casual everyday piece. And, you can pair them with a corset top and heels for a night out, a knit sweater, or a graphic tee for a more casual look.

We can guarantee you that you won’t be able to stop once you start wearing trousers regularly.

A matching set

Matching sets aren’t new in the fashion industry. In fact, the sweatsuits became our pandemic uniform, and designers aren’t ready to let go of this trend yet. People are more than ready to wholly embrace this trend.

Keep in mind that a three-piece set is very popular at the moment, and coordinating bottoms and tops with a matching jacket or a coat is even more fun. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to accomplish this look, just dig out clothes you already have in your closet and match them according to color.


Well, this pattern never left our closets, right? And, according to many, it’s a must-have fall print. This one comes back every year, and you can always find a lot of plaid pieces. So, if you are wondering if your favorite plaid pants from 2015 are still trendy, the answer is 100% yes.

The latest trends suggest you match your plaid button-down blazer or skirt with other structured items, such as plaid button down and trousers. Or, you can match a plaid skirt with a white shirt.

Slogan tops

You are never too old to wear graphics and slogan tops, even though some consider them juvenile. Clothes are clothes, and a snarky saying can be an instant mood-booster and allows you to say many things without opening your mouth. Especially now since we are all wearing masks.

However, when combining this piece of clothes, you need to think outside of the box. For example, a graphic T-shirt combined with a poufy midi skirt will draw everyone’s attention. You can pair this piece with jeans and sneakers if you want to accomplish that low-effect look.

Bright colors

When the sun starts peeking through dark and mushy clouds, we get compelled to wear bright and vibrant colors. And, you would be surprised to know that this season is all about colors. So, don’t pack your yellow dress because you will need it or those electric purple pants or that green blazer.

The best way to combine bright colors is to pile them on. Be playful and combine two or more vibrant colors to accomplish a color-blocked look. Of course, you can wear neutral colors but have one statement piece, like a jacket or shoes.

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