Merits and Demerits of Spying on Your Kid’s Phone 


Which parent wouldn’t want to keep their kids safe on the internet? Even if it leads them to spy on their cell phone? Yes, you heard that right. Most parents want to ensure their kids are completely harmless on the internet, especially when they are using their phones. 

When parents track their kid’s phone activity, they can find out lots of information about their kids. They can find out what is going on in their kid’s life and whether or not they are involved in any dangerous situations. Parents need to be quite vigilant about their kid’s online activity because there are several dangers out there. 

Kids can stumble into the dark side of the internet, accessing inappropriate content and surrounded by online threats of all kinds. Besides monitoring their computers or laptops, it’s more important to spy on their cell phones. That is why Android spy and iPhone spy apps have been developed so you can easily monitor your kid’s cell phone activity. The good news is that many parents are using them now. 

Merits and Demerits of Spying on Your Kid’s Phone 

While you begin using the spy apps to monitor your kid’s cell phones, you should also keep in mind some downsides to using such kind of apps. If you still can’t decide whether or not you should spy on your kid’s phone, you should check out our list of some merits and demerits of monitoring your kid’s cell phone activity. 

Merits of Spying on Your Kid’s Phone

Here are some of the merits of monitoring your kid’s cell phone activity:

Internet Monitoring 

One of the biggest problems for kids arises when they access inappropriate and dangerous sites on the internet. It’s impossible to know what your kids are doing online when you’re not around them. That means your kids can easily access unsuitable content such as pornographic sites in your absence. 

They can either visit harmful sites or be targeted by online sexual predators. However, when you have installed a spy app on their cell phone, you can find out all about their internet activity and also can control their internet access by blocking inappropriate sites on their phone. 

Monitoring Messages and Calls 

When you can read the text messages on your kid’s phone and can track the phone calls received and sent on their phone, you can protect your kids from harmful threats. For instance, if your kid being targeted by a sexual predator, you can put a stop to it and get in touch with the police immediately. However, if there was no surveillance, you would never be able to detect anything wrong. 

By tracking your kid’s text messages as well as chats exchanged on instant messaging apps, you can also detect cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is one of the serious and biggest internet threats that your kids might face in the internet world. Most kids remain hushed about it and do not complain about anything. The only way to find if someone is bullying your kid online is to monitor their messages and phone calls by using a spy app. 

Monitoring Apps on Your Kid’s Phone 

The internet is laden with malicious and inappropriate apps that are developed to scam the people when they install on their phones. Since most kids are naïve, they can be easily fooled by these apps and they install them on their devices right away. 

However, if you are using Android spy software, you can detect such malicious apps that your kids have installed on their phones. You can also set up parental control features in the Google Play Store, preventing your kids from installing inappropriate and adult apps. 

Tracking Your Kid’s Location

One of the most important advantages of spying on your kid’s phone is being able to monitor their location all the time. The GPS technology on your kid’s phone integrates with the spy app and helps you track your kid’s whereabouts. 

As a parent, you do not need to worry about your kid’s safety whenever they step outside of their house. In case you feel your kid is running late and has not reached home, you can always track their location and see if they are not stuck somewhere. 

With spy apps, you can also find out whether your kids are lying about their current location. It’s possible that your kids tell you they are studying at their friend’s place but in reality, they could be at a club. Knowing their whereabouts can help you find out if your kid is being honest with you. 

Demerits of Spying on Your Kid’s Phone 

Below, we have listed some of the demerits of spying on your kid’s phone:

Damage Parent/Child Relationship

The biggest demerit of using spy software to monitor your kid’s cellphone activity is that it can have a huge impact on your relationship with them. The use of spy software can damage the parent/child relationship. 

If your kid feels that you cannot trust them to do the right thing on the internet or cannot respect their online privacy, they will not trust or respect you in return. When kids feel that spying on their cellphone activity is the invasion of their privacy, they will lose their trust in you. Therefore, it is important to explain to your kids about the use of spy software and offer your reasoning to them. 

Finding A Way Around the Spy App

We cannot ignore the fact that kids in this generation know way more about technology and the internet than most adults. That means there is a high chance that your kid could remove the spy software that you have installed on their phone. 

Tech-savvy kids can easily detect the spy software installed on their phone and they can find ways around to bypass them or remove them from their phone. So, if you think you can still monitor your kid’s phone, you might be wrong. First, you need to know how equipped your kids are when it comes to technology. 

Encourage Dishonesty 

Most kids behave dishonestly when their parents use spy software to spy on their cellphone. For example, when you install spy software on your kid’s phone, they might start using another phone that you are not aware of and is free from any kind of monitoring. 

It’s quite possible that they may leave that cellphone at their friend’s place and use it whenever they visit that friend because they know you cannot monitor them on that phone. If your kids start showing dishonesty towards you, it’s time for you to take this matter seriously and find out the reasons they are behaving this way. 

Kids should have a transparent relationship with their parents. They should be encouraged to talk about anything with their parents. In case they find any trouble online, they should walk to you and discuss the problem with them. 

Most parents think that by using spy software on their kid’s phone they can protect them from online dangers. However, you also need to consider the demerits of using one. The best way would be informing your kids about monitoring so they do not feel offended. 


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