Massage Chair vs. Massage Therapist


Massage therapy is a medicine branch used for providing relief to people suffering from muscles tensions and pains. People who want to recover without taking any medicines should go with massage therapy. This treatment offers many therapeutic benefits that are why it is getting popular, and there is readily available massage smart device that are replacing massage therapists. Due to advancements in technology, people prefer to use machines instead of going to the therapists’ clinics. A massage chair is one of the most common massagers people use nowadays.

There are several potential benefits of massage chairs over the massage therapist, but in some cases, a massage therapist can be more useful than massage chairs. This article will conduct a difference between both of them. Keep reading to go deep into the pros and cons of a massage therapist and a massage chair. Let’s get started.

Massage Chair vs. Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is a person who has a professional therapy degree to perform the different movements on the body of the clients for improving health conditions. They are experienced and have an understanding of different types of massages with particular needs.

On the contrary, a massage chair is an automatic device that one can buy and keep for getting relaxing massages. The full body massage chairs contain different types of massage instructions and attachments according to a specific condition.

Massage Chair vs. Massage Therapist

Although the objective of both the processes is the same, some potential differences between them are as follows.

  1. Healing Touch

Healing touch is the biggest difference between the massage therapist and the massage chair. This point goes with massage therapists because it requires human-to-human contact for reducing pain and providing great healing touch. The massage therapist can work according to the condition of the client’s body and achieve goals successfully, but a massage chair cannot do so. A massage therapist can give you a healing touch linked with positivity, such as reducing pain and stress so that you can say old is gold.

  1. Personalized Treatment vs. Privacy

Most people don’t want to expose their bodies in front of massage therapists. That is why they need something that keeps their privacy secure. So a massage chair solves the issue, and the people can take the massages by their selves. The massage chair uses advanced technologies to reduce pain and stress so why go to another person and expose your body.

  1. Massage Coverage Area

This section is also in the massage therapist’s hands because the massage chair cannot cover all the body. The hands of the therapist can reach all parts of your body. Although the massage chairs address different trigger points of your body, they still do not provide much more accuracy than a therapist’s hands while you are lying on the portable massage table.

  1. Variety of Massages

When you book an appointment with a professional massage therapist, you can get numerous benefits because he can give you a variety of massages. But this facility is not available with a massage chair. So the point is again on the side of a massage therapist.

  1. Time & Cost

When you need an affordable massage at any time you want, a massage chair can be the best solution. You can message whenever you are free with a massage chair, but you have to follow the schedule and go on time with the massage therapist. The point goes with the massage chair.


Whether you take a massage chair or go to the massage therapist for taking a massage, you will get numerous benefits. But massage therapy is best for massaging your entire body and great healing touch, but a massage chair can be more beneficial when it comes to time and cost. So choose wisely.

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