Learning Aikido at a Young Age

Nowadays, more and more individuals undergo martial arts training for various reasons. There are those who train for physical and mental fitness while others do so to practice self-defence. Talking about self-defence, Aikido is the type of martial arts chosen by the majority. In fact, when it comes to training kids Aikido is usually the best choice for parents.

In this article, you’ll learn why it’s highly recommended for your child to master the art of Aikido.

Aikido Offers Physical Benefits

This is perhaps the most common reason as to why people want to master this martial arts — to strengthen their physical body, and this is also applicable to youngsters. In fact, Aikido is one of the best choices for growing bodies.

Through Aikido, the body undergoes healthy development, balancing it properly and promotes exercise on the body as a whole and not on isolated parts. Moreover, it improves both the child’s strength and flexibility, hence, preventing the body from getting stiff which is a common occurrence when the child enters the puberty stage and experiences abrupt growth spurts.

Aikido Offers Emotional Benefits

One of the best features of Aikido is that it has no competition. If there is, it would only be the person’s own limitations. In the case of children learning this form of martial arts, they will be highly motivated to stretch the limits of their stamina, ability, confidence, and even courage. Of course this will be done with minimal risk of injury.

Creativity will also be practiced in this training. Practicing Aikido and learning and executing the necessary techniques maintain proper balance to the kid. Most importantly, it promotes cooperation, a very creative way of mastering the techniques.

Aikido Offers Social Benefits

As kids and youngsters learn to master the Aikido techniques, their execution continues to make progress and become more effective, as long as the training is consistent. As the techniques learned become more dynamic, the confidence level continues to increase as well.

As the child’s mind and body continues to develop through Aikido, he or she learns to respect the training more and can apply it to other kids and adults. Therefore, the Aikido practice teaches one about the value of respect.

Aikido is Trained According to the Kid’s Age

While it is proven that kids can master Aikido, the training is divided in an age category.

Kids aged 3.5 to 5 years old are usually trained through games and physical exercises. This develops their level of strength and coordination.

For kids who are 5 to 8 years old, they will be formally introduced to Aikido’s basic principles. They will start to perform the basic techniques such as the ukemi.

Finally, those ages 9 and up should expect the training to be more intense and challenging. Suffice to say, the training will almost be similar to those experienced by the adults. This is also the part where kids will be taught about self-discipline as the training’s atmosphere becomes more serious to determine the level of commitment of the students.

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