It’s Not The Bathroom’s Fault, It’s You

While we don’t necessarily enjoy pointing fingers at people and putting the blame on others, we can’t help but notice that behind the surging popularity of bathroom renovations and remodeling projects is people failing to notice what’s causing them in the first place. And despite our unconditional support for more households to engage in home improvement, we’re just not too keen about proceeding with said plans if it’s founded on a slippery slope that would just make them fall back down to square one.

Luckily enough, it’s not that hard to overcome these problems with the right mindset and to put in the effort to change because they’re not that big of a problem, to begin with, but rather are issues that tend to accumulate over time. However, that’s not to say you’ll be getting out of this one easy, and that goes double for people who’ve grown accustomed to these bad habits and can’t easily shake them off.

Bathroom Renovations Don’t Fix Bad Habits.

No number of renovations can do away with bad habits, and regardless of the budget you allocate and new things you introduce, you’re just delaying the inevitable of the state reverting to before the renovation. So, before you double-down on fixing the bathroom up, you’ll want to fix your bad habits first to prevent yourself from going down the same spiral you suffered from the last time. 

  • Stop Flushing Bad Juju Down The Toilet: Firstly, if you’re the type that loves to treat your toilet like a shortcut to the abyss, then please erase this thinking because you can’t just go wild with flushing stuff down. Products such as cleaning wipes and paper towels might appear like a good flush at face value, but they’ll end up clogging your pipes and adding to an even bigger problem later down the line. However, if it’s already happened, don’t forget to call plumbing services.
  • Slacking On Your Bathroom Cleaning Duty: Secondly, despite the suds and soap you use inside the bathroom, these things don’t count as cleaning, and neither should you slack on duty to clean. All that build-up will just shorten the useful life of your bathroom and make it lose value over time due to general wear and tear. So, don’t forget the responsible chore of keeping your bathroom neat and tidy.
  • Taking Too Long To Address Minimal Damages: Lastly, if you ever see some minor cracks slowly creeping up and spreading, then immediately root out the cause and fix it. Don’t take too long because this will only turn minimal damages into something far more intrusive, which could end up jeopardizing the entire bathroom itself. So, once you do notice something’s a little off or just doesn’t feel right, spot out the problem and address it.

If You’re Going To Renovate, Stick To The Basics

Likewise, if you do plan on following through with the renovation and have already put to mind the advice mentioned above, we strongly recommend that you stick to basics and refrain from going over the top with cleaning the place. We know how tempting it can be to pull beautiful ideas from modern bathrooms, but if yours didn’t that big of a fix in the first place, then you should keep your expectations in check. 

  • To Buy Or Not To Buy New Fixtures: It’s always a standstill when it comes to buying or not buying fixtures, and while a good cleaning can make the space feel a lot more presentable, slacking off won’t get the job done. So, make an honest comparison between what you currently have and what’s available on online catalogs, so you don’t accidentally waste money on items that were still pretty good on their useful life.
  • Adding Extra Storage Space: Apart from fixtures, extra storage space and adding more vanity to your bathroom is an excellent way of introducing minimal fixes to the space while keeping the theme intact. Plus, you get more room to organize and maintain the overall order inside the bathroom, making the investment both affordable and highly functional.
  • Clear Out The Floor Tiles: Switching out floor tiles is a classic bathroom renovation that never fails to impress, and while they’re capable of lasting close to 100 years, an existing home might already have some baggage that you need to unravel first. And for us, at least, we’d rather take our chances on a cleaner and more brand-new flooring rather than something that’s showing age and plenty of cracks.

Watch Your Budget And Don’t Go Overboard!

Overall, with the way the world’s moving right now and the ever-cautions market sentiment these past few days, a predetermined budget becomes a necessity. And if you do plan on following through with any planned fixes, try not to go overboard and waste your precious resources in the process. 

Meta title: Must-Avoid Bathroom Sins That Often Go Unnoticed
meta desc: Nowadays, everyone’s quick to pull the trigger on a bathroom renovation and preparing a hefty budget, but have you ever stopped to think about what’s causing the mess in the first place? Keep reading and learn why an inferior bathroom is most often the result of neglect and misuse.

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