How to Tell Kids About Divorce: Tips and Strategies

With as many as 689,308 divorces in the United States every year, divorces are pretty common. However, it can still be incredibly hard to go through one yourself.

One of the toughest things about ending a marriage is to tell your kids the news. No matter what age your children are, speaking to them about the divorce is difficult, but it can go more smoothly if you approach it in the right way.

When deciding how to tell kids about divorce, be sure to use these tips and strategies.

Have a Plan

When telling your kids about your divorce, plan out what you’ll say in advance. Be sure to know ahead of time what you’ll say about the end of the relationship and have an idea of how you’ll answer questions that they’re likely to ask.

You should also choose the right time to have the conversation. Do it at a time when you won’t be rushed and when there’s nothing else going on.

Do It Together

It’s best to tell your kids about a divorce together to show that you both still care about them and that you’ll both still work together to raise them.

It’s also a good idea for all your kids to be in the same room at the same time, even if they’re different ages. It’s better that every child hears about the divorce from their parents rather than from an older sibling.

Reduce Uncertainty

When faced with the news about their parents’ divorce, many children aren’t sure what comes next and how it will affect their everyday lives. It’s a good idea to discuss how their lives will be affected and make sure that they understand the changes that will be coming.

However, also ensure they understand that many things won’t change at all. Help them understand that their lives will still be very similar when it comes to daily routines and the way you care for them.

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Answer Questions

Your kids will probably have a lot of questions about the divorce, so make sure that they feel comfortable asking them.

Make sure that your conversation isn’t all one-sided but that you listen to their concerns and answer any questions that they have about how things will change. This will help them feel more comfortable and will help the conversation go more smoothly.

Stay Calm

When discussing the end of your marriage with kids, make sure that you do it without blaming one another. Although it may be easy to point fault at the other party, it’s not necessary for the kids to know all of the details.

Instead, make sure to stay as calm as possible during the discussion and present the decision in a way that represents the choice of both parents.

Understanding How to Tell Kids About Divorce

If you’re trying to decide how to tell kids about divorce, be sure to use these tips and strategies. Plan out what you’ll say in advance and be sure to break the news together in a calm way.

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