How to Plan the Perfect Ski Holiday

Millions of people enjoy visiting ski and snowboarding resorts. In fact, the industry is valued at more than $3.5 billion in the United States. Demand for ski vacations is only growing as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and life returns to normal.

However, your trip may not be desirable if you do not plan properly. With frigid temperatures and the potential for extreme weather, your trip could turn sideways fast.

Read on to learn how to plan the perfect ski holiday. Explore tips for spending the winter holidays at a ski resort.

Find the Right Ski Resort

The first step is identifying the ski resort that you want to visit. Ski locations offer different amenities based on the audience that they are catering to.

Some ski resorts are geared more towards experienced adult skiers. Others offer more amenities for families and provide alternates to skiing. The perfect example is a resort that provides snow tubing for toddlers and young children.

The location is also going to prove important when looking for a ski resort. Some travelers do not mind flying on an airplane to reach a mountain resort.

Due to Covid-19 fears, many are still uncomfortable flying. They will opt to visit a resort that is within driving distance.

Gear Up

The next thing you need to do is gear up for your trip. Some travelers rent their equipment, while others already own it.

Those that are considering purchasing ski equipment are making a commitment to do it more often. If this is a one-time trip, renting ski equipment is the way to go.

Gearing up for a ski trip is a significant undertaking. First, you need clothes that keep you warm and dry. This includes snow boots specifically designed to keep your feet dry.

Also, you need weather-resistant pants and a jacket that do not get wet. Goggles and headwear are a necessity as well. Additional layers are necessary to keep warm such as socks, long underwear, and more.

Lastly, you need to account for ski equipment. This is the largest investment if you decide to purchase gear. Websites such as allow you to rent ski equipment. The possibilities range from veteran skiers to beginners and provide many different rental options.

Plan to Do More Than Ski

There is much more to do at a ski resort than simply hit the slopes. You need to plan and pack accordingly.

For example, at night you may hit one of the resort’s restaurants or bars. You need clothes to go out in.

You likely need to pack a bathing suit. Most resorts have hot tubs to enjoy when you are not skiing.

The point here is to check out what the resort has to offer during the planning stages. Then, make sure you have clothing and other attire necessary to enjoy those amenities.

Planning the Perfect Ski Holiday

Ski vacations are special for a number of reasons. They provide travelers with access to a high-octane sport. At the same time, ski resorts offer up many other amenities.

One of the most important steps is gearing up for your trip. Make the decision whether you are going to buy or rent equipment before you leave.

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