How to Get Live Nation Presale

In the dynamic world of concerts, theater, and live events, getting a ticket to a popular event can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Live Nation, as one of the world’s leading live entertainment companies, often provides passionate fans a glimmer of hope through its presale ticket offers. If you’ve ever wondered, “How can I get Live Nation presale tickets?”, this article has got you covered.

Understanding Live Nation Presale

Before diving into the “how-to”, it’s essential to understand what a presale is:

Presale Tickets:

These are tickets made available to a specific group of people before they’re offered to the general public. The idea is to reward loyalty, enhance engagement, or partner with other businesses.

Steps to Secure Live Nation Presale Tickets

1. Join Live Nation’s Mailing List:

Subscribers often receive presale codes in their inboxes. By being on the mailing list, you’ll be among the first to know about upcoming events and presales.

2. Download the Live Nation App:

Exclusive app presales are often accessible to users of the Live Nation mobile app. Downloading and setting up an account can give you an edge.

3. Credit Card Partnerships:

Live Nation, like many ticketing entities, occasionally partners with credit card companies. Cardholders might receive exclusive presale access or unique codes.

4. Join Official Artist or Venue Fan Clubs:

Artists or specific venues sometimes have fan clubs or mailing lists that offer presale codes for upcoming events.

5. Social Media Monitoring:

Keep an eye on Live Nation’s social media channels. Occasionally, presale details or codes are shared on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

6. Presale Code Websites:

While not always reliable or official, some websites and forums collate and share presale codes. Use with caution and ensure you’re not violating any terms of service.

Tips for a Smooth Presale Experience

1. Create an Account in Advance:

Before the presale begins, ensure you have an account set up on Live Nation’s website or app, complete with saved payment details for quicker checkout.

2. Reliable Internet Connection:

Given the time-sensitive nature of grabbing presale tickets, ensure you’re on a stable and fast internet connection.

3. Act Fast:

Popular events can have their presale tickets sold out in minutes. Be ready to make your purchase as soon as the presale goes live.


1. Is there a limit to the number of presale tickets I can buy?
Yes, there’s usually a cap on the number of tickets one can purchase during a presale, ensuring more fans get a chance.

2. Are presale tickets more expensive?
Presale tickets are typically not priced higher than regular tickets. However, they ensure early access and often better seating choices.

3. What if I miss the presale window?
If you miss the presale, you can still try for tickets during the general public sale or any subsequent sales leading up to the event.

4. Can I refund or exchange my presale tickets?
Refund or exchange policies will depend on the event’s specific terms and conditions. Always read the fine print before purchasing.


Accessing Live Nation’s presale tickets offers an exciting opportunity to secure seats to coveted events, ensuring you don’t miss out on memorable experiences. With the right strategy, timely actions, and a sprinkle of luck, you can be front and center at your next awaited concert or show.

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