How can you get the most out of your vape juice?

Vaping is all about personalization, letting you to experience a great choice and taste. Whether you’ve been vaping for few years or new to e-liquids, you will eventually crave to try new flavors.

What is e-juice?

The liquid used for e- cigarette is blend of 4 main elements, including nicotine, flavorings, vegetable glycerin (VG), and propylene glycol (PG). The alternative and specialized additives can be added to boost the taste of the e-liquid, but having the right ratio of these elements often offers a great quality e-juice. The common concern that arises among users is that what’s the best way to get the most flavors out of e-liquid? Depending on the brand or flavor, you can discover the taste of e-juice.

Below are few things that you can consider to make your e-juice purchase a simple and easy process.

Equipment considerations

One of the major elements that influence the quality of flavor is the material being used. A long favorite among those who prefer atomizers is organic cotton wicks, while silica is quite common, though may not provide strong flavor. Yet another factor that comes into picture is the tank used; many people prefer glass tanks over plastic tanks as it offers best quality flavor. The coil setup can also enhance the quality of flavor; usually dual coil can produce a greater amount of flavor.

Understanding vapers tongue

It’s quite natural to try the favorite flavor, but sooner or later it desensitizes your ability to taste the same flavor, especially if you’re a seasoned vaper. Overuse of the same flavor can prompt you to try new things. Dehydration can also cause taste buds to go dull or not working properly and hence make sure to stay hydrated when you’re using e-juice.

Let your juice steep for few days

Steeping your juice for five to ten days can add strong flavors, generating a better tasting e-liquid. Though manufactures produce pre-steeped e-liquid, a bit of steeping from your end could do the trick.

If you’re looking for some throat hit experience, you can opt for more nicotine and higher PG juices, while optimal VG offers smoother vaping experience.

Make use of these cost effective tips to get the maximum out of the flavor. You can also browse through the website of PGVG Labs e juice to check the products in a range of flavors. Known for its commitment to innovation and superior customer service, the firm has been manufacturing high quality e-liquids from many years.

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