Gifts for Crocheters: Choosing the Right Crochet Hook

If there is a person in your life that loves to knit and crochet and you are seeking out the perfect gift on their behalf, you’ve come to the right place! Crocheting enthusiasts and fiber collectors would also appreciate the guidance from this list of gift for crocheters!

Gift Ideas For Crocheters

When thinking up ideal gifts for crocheters, we need to ask this first: “What do crochet and knitting enthusiasts want?” Let’s be honest: the only things crocheter needs is a hook and yarn. But, this doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you could gift them. This article will provide a list of gift ideas you can get for your crocheter friends or family members will definitely love. This list contains things that crocheters wouldn’t normally think to buy for themselves. While some of the ideas listed below might seem silly, but for the person receiving a silly, but well-thought-out gift, it is an absolute indulgence! So go ahead and check these fun gifts for crocheters ideas below!

By giving fun gifts to the crochet and yarn lover in your life, you are not only being attentive to their hobbies, but you also know the things they like and support their efforts and want them to be happy. They will definitely appreciate your effort for that alone!

Gift Ideas For Crochet Lovers:


  • Subscription To a Crochet Magazine


This might not seem much but your friend or loved one would really appreciate getting a subscription to a crochet magazine. They’d definitely look forward to receiving the physical magazine every month in the mail. 


  • Yarn Bowl


Yarn bowls can be considered as silly gifts for crocheters—it’s not really necessary to own one. However nothing says “I appreciate you” than gifting them with a fancy (or quirky) yarn bowl in their favorite color or design!

You can purchase yarn bowls with or without holes, or those with basket-weave designs. Some crocheters use yarn bowls with holes to separate yarn through while they work, while others simply use them to display their yarns. 

Gifting a bigger yarn bowl than usual is a good option. Bigger may not always be better, but in the case of yarn lovers, it always is.


  • Good Quality Yarn Winder


 Yarn winders are yet another frivolous item you could get. It may not get a lot of use coz depending on the type of yarn you often use. But if the person you want to gift a yarn winder has been talking about making a yarn wall, or complains about how unorganized his/her stash has been lately, this would make a perfect gift. 


  • New Hook Set


Any crochet enthusiast will tell you: one hook is never enough! There are plenty of justifiable reasons why crochet and knit lovers purchase multiple hooks of the same size, but one of the best reasons is due to it usability. Crochet enthusiasts will tell you how different yarns respond better to certain types of hooks. This gift is not only useful, but something that the person you want to give it to will appreciate for a long, long time. 


  • Gift Cards to Local Yarn Shops


This might seem frivolous but any crocheting enthusiast will tell you that gift cards to some of the best local craft stores and yarn shops are always highly appreciated. Crocheters will often feel guilty of buying pricey or “fancy” yarns and yarn equipment, so take that guilt away with a gift card and let them pick out pricey, good quality yarn to their heart’s content!


  • Coupon Books


Another really good idea for gifts for crocheters would be a coupon book. Who doesn’t love coupon books? If the person you plan on giving this too has kids, consider getting them coupons for “one afternoon without the kids” so they can spend their time crocheting all afternoon long. 


  • Fancy Personalized Mug


Crocheters often spend hours sitting in one corner of the house engrossed in their crocheting project. One thing every crocheter needs while they sit and do their work is to stay hydrated as much as they can. If the crochet or knitting enthusiast in your life loves cold drinks, get him/her a large insulated cup. If he or she loves hot drinks, get them a large coffee mug! You can personalize these gifts by printing witty crochet related quotes or words, too! The possibilities are endless!


  • Portable Yarn Organizer


 A portable yarn organizer is a great gift idea for any crocheter or yarn lover. They could move their entire project (be it from one bedroom to another, or if they’re taking it on a road trip) in a much more efficient manner. There are crochet canvas totes you can use, but more commercially available yarn organizers have more compartments and holes where you can feed the yarn. Pretty neat, huh?


  • Yarn Cutter Pendant


if the person you’re planning to gift this to always complains of losing or misplacing his/her scissors, then they would surely appreciate this gift. A yarn cutter pendant is the perfect companion for any crocheter. They could just easily hang this pendant somewhere or use it as a necklace. They come in a variety of stylish designs too. 


  • Stitch Dictionary


 Any crocheter would highly appreciate having a crochet stitch dictionary at their disposal. It’s a great tool for any crocheter to have, and there are plenty of such dictionaries to choose from. A stitch dictionary is not only inexpensive, but it is an indispensable gift that can be used for a long time. The receiver can use it to check for new stitches whenever they feel like being creative. There’s always something new to learn with crocheting!

If you are a crocheter, or have taken a slight interest in this hobby, you probably have some ideas on things that would be perfect to add on this list. If you have a loved one or a friend who’s into crocheting, you could share this post to them to give them gift ideas for birthdays, holidays and just because. 

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