Four things to keep in mind before buying jewellery online 


Every female loves to wear jewellery – be it for get-together, wedding, casual dining, or party. Some women want to showcase their exclusive and unique collection among peers as well. In today’s digital world, buying anything online has become extremely easy. With huge choices, on-time delivery, discounted price, buying jewellery online sitting from the comfort of your home has become habit for many.

Gone are the days where limited stocks were available in store and you need to spend hours to buy jewellery. With time, now you are spoilt with different, elegant designs and choices from top brands. 

You need to be very careful when purchasing any valuable items, as you’re making a long term investment. Consider below tips to make your online shopping more fruitful than purchasing it from store. 


Size should not concern you in case you’re purchasing pendants, necklace, earrings, bracelets, but in case of bangles and rings, you need to ensure to buy the appropriate size. You can simply check in the nearby jewellery store to measure your accurate size, so that you can purchase piece that fits you well. 

Brand reputation

When you’re considering an online purchase, you need to look at the reputation of the website or brand. Read customer reviews of the sites and their products to ensure that you’re making a secured investment. Atelier Lou is a trusted source, offering top-notch gold and other stone-studded jewellery across Canada. Feel free to browse the website to check their latest offering and designs.

Compare price 

One of the main mistakes that many commit is that they see the original price and discounted price mentioned in the website and they think there is a huge discount, without considering whether they’re actually getting a good deal or not. It’s true that online seller offer market down price in comparison with physical store’s price, but you need not do any shopping without comparing the prices with different websites or brands. 

When comparing the price, be sure that you’re evaluating the same parameters, such as type of gold, setting material, carat gems, etc. Quality affects the price and buying cheaper item will only lead to disappointment. 



The purity of diamond and gold varies and hence it’s essential to purchase ornaments that come with an authentication certificate. Look for up-to-date information, such as quality of gemstone or diamond, weight of ring, purity, and grading certification, etc. Also check for return policy, warranty, so that you’re rest assured that your money is in safe hands, even if you get damaged jewels. 


Keep the above tips in mind to purchase jewellery online with ease. 




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