Four Reasons Why Your Dog Might Just Love Surfing

We’ve all seen at least one of the unbearably cute YouTube clips where a dog, or occasionally a cat) are seen catching a wave with their owners. You may also know that some dogs have a great affection for water but, interestingly, many dogs, especially certain breeds like setters, retrievers, and water spaniels, can actually be trained to surf or paddleboard. And, for those without the confidence to do it themselves, there are even schools hosted by professional dog surfing instructors.

Aside from the millions of potential views your video footage of this learning could generate, there are actually a number of reasons why your dog might just love surfing, many of which will also benefit owners too!


Exercise is essential for both you and your pet. Surfing is an excellent cardiovascular workout and a great way to improve your balance. As you and your dog become more in tune with one another on the board, you may want to progress to some trickier moves. Be mindful of keeping your pet safe at all times by dressing them in a life jacket and ensuring that you get enough rest afterwards. Also, be sure to check that your dog’s breed is one that can swim, as there are some, such as pugs, dachshunds, and English bulldogs that tend to have great difficulty with their water mobility.

Bonding Experience

It doesn’t matter what size your dog may be, we’re certain that the moment you walk through the front door they are infinitely excited to see you. If your four-legged friend is teachable, then why not take your pet paddle boarding on a calm lake to begin with. It will enable your pet to get used to both the water and the board while you practice keeping your balance with the extra weight at the foot of your board. Then, as the ceremony becomes familiar to your dog, getting onto the water will be a great bonding experience for both of you.

Enjoying The Outdoors

If you’ve ever seen a dog at the beach, you’ll know how much they love having a wide-open space to run around in. Taking your dog outside to the shore will be a great way to help them stay familiar with nature, improving their mood and health, as well as giving them an opportunity to socialise with other dogs too. 

Spending time in the sun and sand, however, can lead to dehydration, which leads some dogs to drink seawater, causing harm to their body. Make sure you have a bowl and a bottle of fresh water with you in case your pup gets thirsty.

Possible Internet Sensation

There are quite a few people who travel with their pets and share their experiences with an audience online. Surfing is a sport practised in some of the most beautiful places on earth, so imagine the endless possibilities if you and your pet could paddle in turquoise waters while imparting your joys with followers from across the globe. There are also dog surfing contests in certain countries where the owners place their dogs on the boards and the dogs ride the wave solo. The praise that follows is sure to have your dog wagging his tail with a true sense of pride. Who knows, your duo could be the next viral internet sensation!

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