Early Childhood Education Degree Online: Is It Worthwhile?

Did you know that thousands of people across the U.S. live in childcare deserts? This means they have few options when it comes to childcare in their area.

Without proper early childhood education, children often lack the foundational skills to excel later in life. If you care about teaching our youth, you may have considered pursuing a master’s in early childhood education.

However, is it worth getting an early childhood education degree online? And are online degrees as credible as traditionally earned on-campus degrees?

We’re here to fill you in! Keep reading below to learn everything you need to know about pursuing an early childhood education certificate online.

Evaluate Your Future Goals

Before jumping into an early childhood education program, it’s a good idea to map out your future goals. Of course, working with children may sound fun in the moment, but is it something you plan on doing for a long period of time?

Career changes are nothing to be ashamed about. However, it can be difficult to find a new career if you only have an educational background in childcare. Plus, you have to remember that you may have to pay off student debt along the way as well.

If you simply want to work with children, consider a job as a teacher’s assistant in a daycare instead. The majority of teacher assistant positions only require a high school degree.

Grow Professionally and Intellectually

If you want to earn a spot as a daycare or preschool director, you’ll certainly need to get an early childhood education degree online or in person. An early childhood education degree will set you up for success by giving you all the information needed to best teach kids.

Plus, as a university student, you’ll have access to college career counselors. These counselors can give you helpful tips on starting a daycare or finding an entry position. If you struggle with networking, the university experience can help you develop your confidence and create those professional links.

Consider School Compatibility

Online education is not compatible with every college student’s learning style. If you struggle to self-motivate, you may find online school challenging.

However, if you prefer learning from the comfort of your own home, an online university can be the perfect solution. Plus, online classes tend to be less expensive, as you aren’t required to stay on campus, pay for a meal plan, etc.

You’ll also want to guarantee the school is compatible with your professional goals. Employers may not recognize degrees from obscure online universities, so be careful where you apply.

An easy way to ensure your degree is legit is by reviewing accredited schools you’re already familiar with. You’ll find that most brick-and-mortar schools also offer online versions of popular programs.

Determining Whether You Should Pursue an Early Childhood Education Degree Online

Working in early childhood education is an incredibly rewarding experience. If you’re considering getting an early childhood education degree online, the guide above will help you determine whether it’s the right choice for you!

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