Are You New to Romance? Here’s a Complete Guide to Buy Flowers for Your Girl 

Sending flowers to your girlfriend is definitely a good thing. But, buying flowers for her is not as easy as you think. With a wide range of flower options, colors, and arrangements, it’s very difficult to know where to start. You couldn’t ask her for her favorite color as it would take the surprise away and you can’t pick a bouquet of your choice to impress her. So, here is a simple guide by your Bismarck florists to help you add that extra ‘wow’ factor.

Long-term Relationship

Are you in a long-term relationship? Then express your passion by sending her red roses, also called as lover’s rose. These classic and elegant red blooms makes a great bouquet and shows an intense romance.

But, if you have given red roses to her before and are looking for variations, there are different options to choose from. You can still stay with roses but change the color options, or you can stick with the color red and try another flower. Red Tulips are another great option if you are in a long-term relationship as the velvety black center of the Tulip is believed to resemble a lover’s heart deeply soaked in love. You can also add new layers of meaning to your bouquet by mixing roses and Tulips. Pink alstroemeria and peonies hold a high romance quotient and is considered to bring good luck and a happy marriage life. Get advice from your Bismarck florists for more options.

If You are Not a Couple

If it’s love at first sight, purple lilacs and purple roses are the right choice. You can also opt for a mixed bouquet with orange, peach, and white roses from Bismarck flower shops as they signify desire. Bird of paradise is a stunning option to add a great surprise factor while an orchid makes a lovely gift.

On Your First Date

As red means romance, yellow reflects enjoying each other’s company. So, giving yellow roses or yellow tulips to your girlfriend on the first date signifies sharing similar interests and gives a message of joy and cheer. You can also enlighten her day by giving her a bunch of sunflowers.

Some recent reports say that many women love the fresh charm of daisy. So, giving daisies and extra fragrant freesia will make a unique gift to remember. You can also add special signing cards to add a note of message to your dear one.

Deliver Flowers to Her Workplace

If you want your girlfriend to feel extra special, get flowers delivered to her workplace. Flowers can give a small break from her hectic schedule and every time she looks at them she will think of you.

Are you in the last minute hurry to find the right flowers for your girlfriend? Most of the flower shops now offer same day flower delivery in Bismarck.


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