8 Best Personalized Gifts for Your Best Friend

Regardless if there is a special occasion or it is just a regular day, giving your best friend a personalized gift is always a good idea. It is one thing that is sure to be appreciated, even if it is cheap. No idea what to give? Read on and we’ll share some gift suggestions.

  1. Photo Book

This is a good way to preserve your happy memories. Especially if you have just been in an epic vacation together, you can document all the fun in the form of a photo book. In the age of social media when all our pictures are just on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, it would be a nice change to have them printed in an album. You can even add silly captions to make it more interesting. If you want to give a photo book to your best friend, check out Shutterfly.

  1. Calendar

It is one of the personalized gifts he or she would not expect from you. It makes a nice table-top décor in the office or bedroom. To make the calendar more special, add pictures on every page and inspiring quotes about friendship. Shutterfly can help you to create a calendar with a personalized touch. You can choose from a variety of chic layouts and materials.

  1. Jewelry

Especially for girls, this is another great personalized gift for your BFF. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are perfect for your fashionista friend. You might also want to get one for yourself so that you will have matching jewelry pieces.

  1. Candles

Candles are romantic and relaxing. Nothing beats the feeling of being in a bathtub, doing nothing, and just smelling the scent of a candle. You can easily make personalized candles on your own. Check out this quick guide on how to transfer pictures in candles to make it more special.

  1. Blanket

If your best friend loves staying at home and getting cozy on bed, a personalized blanket will also be a good gift idea. There are many ways to customize it, such as by adding pictures or name embroidery. Choose a material that is comfortable, such as fleece.

  1. Glass

A glass monogrammed with the name or initials of your best friend is one of the classics that never get old. A whiskey or wine glass will be well-loved by someone who likes to drink. To make it more special, give a glass along with a bottle of his or her favorite drink.

  1. Canvas Prints

For someone who loves home décor, this makes an excellent pick for a personalized gift. You can print almost anything on canvas, such as your photos, art, or a quote about friendship. This makes a nice accent piece in the bedroom.

  1. Tumbler

This is a great gift for your best friend who is eco-conscious. There are many ways to personalize a tumbler, such as by adding your best friend’s name or a photo of the two of you!

Make your best friend happy with our personalized gift suggestions above! Your gift does not need to be expensive to be appreciated.

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