6 Common Timeshare Seller Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The timeshare industry is worth more than $8.1 billion today.

These business models are incredibly popular, particularly for vacation locations. If you’re in a timeshare agreement that you’re trying to end, either for profit or because you no longer wish to be tied to it, you must understand the ins and outs of selling a timeshare.

Some typical timeshare seller mistakes can put you in a bad position if you’re not careful. Avoid the following mistakes at all costs as you look into getting the help that you need.

1. Failing to Do Your Research

Research is king when you’re doing any kind of business, but this is particularly true for timeshares. Timeshare properties typically come with several different clauses and details that you can easily misconstrue or overlook if you aren’t careful.

You also need to look into the market as a whole, to make sure that there is a buyer’s market for the area where your timeshare is located. Ramp up your research so that you’re always in a good position to make the right move.

2. Not Reading or Understanding the Contract

Get to know the timeshare contract details so that you know your rights, obligations, fees, and other details.

This means knowing everything from exit fees to timeshare resort maintenance obligations. You will be in a better and more informed position to sell your timeshare when you understand the contract in detail.

3. You Didn’t Market Enough

Many timeshare sellers try to get a buyer, but make the mistake of subpar marketing. There are plenty of marketing opportunities you can take advantage of, whether you decide to blast it out on social media or look into an exclusive timeshare listing site.

You can click for Marriott resale listings to get an idea of how other people have been able to sell their timeshares.

List your timeshare accurately, include plenty of multimedia, and post your contact information prominently. Be mindful of the messages that you receive so that you can respond to interested buyers in a timely fashion.

4. Trying to Do It All Yourself

People often make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves. You will get much greater results, make fewer mistakes, and lower your stress levels by instead hiring professionals that can assist you.

You can hire pros for everything from marketing to cleaning and maintaining the timeshare to get it in sellable condition. It can also be helpful to hire a lawyer to look over your contracts for you.

Avoid doing it all yourself so you can get the best possible outcome.

5. Using a Poor Pricing Strategy

Sellers also miss the boat when it comes to their pricing strategy. Avoid trying to list the price too high or it will be likely to sit on the market for a while.

Browse plenty of comparable listings so that you can figure out a fair timeshare price that you can stick to.

6. Not Correctly Canceling Your Timeshare

Finally, the cardinal sin that many timeshare sellers mistake is not having a legal or useful timeshare exit strategy. Misrepresenting your reasons for canceling and other mistakes can put you in violation of the contract and ruin your sale.

Double and triple-check what is required of you so that you can cancel your timeshare correctly.

The Most Common Timeshare Seller Mistakes

These timeshare seller mistakes can hamstring the entire process before it begins. Do your due diligence so that you can make the right decision for your timeshare.

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