5 Types of Celebrations to Get Together With Your Friends and Family

The average person, by the time they are 33-years-old, will have gotten married, bought a house, and had a kid or two. They might have graduated a couple of times, been hired and fired, and gone through dozens of other milestones.

There are so many types of celebrations and accomplishments in a person’s life that deserve celebrating. And it’s so much more rewarding to celebrate them with friends, family, and people who love and support you.

Not sure what is worth celebrating when everyone is so busy these days? Here are some life events that you deserve to make a big deal about.

1. Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are like ear lobes, everyone has them. And because everyone has them, they often don’t feel special enough to throw a big celebration. But that’s not true!

Everyone accepts milestone birthdays (21, 30, 40, etc.) as special. So, if you want to host a birthday celebration when you turn one of these ages, the friends and family who love and support you should be all too happy to attend.

But let’s say you are turning 47. You should still throw a celebration if you want to! Birthdays can bring people together who have not seen each other in a while. 

2. High School or College Graduation

High school graduation and college graduation are two of the earliest, big accomplishments in any person’s life. 

The biggest barrier to throwing these types of celebrations is that your friends may be throwing alike ones at the same time. That might be 10+ graduation celebrations!

You could plan a small get-together, or, think outside of the box and plan a roller disco or party boat celebration. Check this out for party boat tips.

3. Wedding Ceremony

Weddings can be expensive. So if you want to elope or have a small, intimate ceremony then you should do what you want.

But if you decide to have a wedding with your friends and family present, you won’t regret it. Seeing their happy tears as you say your vows will be the icing on your wedding cake.

4. Baby Shower

Baby showers are often female-only events which makes little sense since most parents-to-be are a male and female couple.

So if you want to celebrate the upcoming birth of your little one with a baby shower for all your friends and family, do it! There is no reason why uncles and granddads should not want to share the love as much as aunties and grandmas.

5. Whatever You Want

So many people do not follow the “traditional” or “average” life path. If you don’t want to get married or have kids, you need to celebrate other life events.

Got a big new promotion or moving abroad? Celebrate it!

Published a book or completed a physical challenge? Celebrate it with your friends and family who know how important these unique accomplishments are to you.

Types of Celebrations to Share With Your Loved Ones

There is no limit to the types of celebrations you can share with loved ones whether that is one or two friends or your extended family. If they love and support you, they will want to be there for you to celebrate your milestones and achievements.

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