12 Christian Ideals for the Faithful

Are you wondering what Christian ideals you should have?

Whether you are a new Christian or you have been walking with God for years, being a good Christian is something you should be continually striving towards. As a Christian, you are supposed to be a bright light in the world, one that can help others find their path and add a sense of peace and comfort to their life. 

One of the best ways to strengthen your faith is to take on certain ideals.

In short, an ideal is a value or principle that directs the way you live your life. When you have Christian ideals, you are living the life God wants you to live and having the effect on people you should have. 

This can not only strengthen your walk with God, but it can also give you clarity and help you live a purpose-driven life. 

However, you might be wondering what types of ideals, values, and principles you are supposed to live by? While some are obvious, others might not be as clear. 

If you are a Chrisitan lifestyle and want to be a better representation of Christ, these are the values you need to embrace. 

1. Love

One of the first ideals listed in the Holy Bible is love. God tells us to love our neighbor just as much as we love ourselves. 

When you approach people with love, you can affect their lives in ways you can’t even imagine. When in doubt, practice love. 

2. Compassion

Similar to love, the life of a Christian should be filled with compassion. As a Christian, you are not supposed to judge others unless you want to be judged yourself. Instead of taking a harsh stance with someone you disagree with, consider practicing compassion. 

3. Generosity  

One of the listed virtues in the Bible is generosity. This can include giving gifts like these to those who are in need, donating your time to volunteer for causes, and giving to your church and church family. Generosity is a great ideal to have, as it complements other Christian values, such as love, compassion, goodness, and more. 

4. Honesty 

The Word of God makes it clear, honesty is something every Christian should practice. A life filled with lies is ungodly and will lead you down a path with a terrible end. Honesty is not always easy but living an honest life filled with integrity will help you become a much better Christian. 

5. Respect 

Do you respect others and treat them well? As a Christian, this is what you are called to do. 

Your purpose is to spread love and joy to the world, something you cannot do if you have no respect for those around you. If you want to be strong in your faith, start with respect. 

6. Faith 

Nearly every book in the Old Testament lists faith as one of the main values a Christian should have. Faith is necessary to believe in God and everything else you cannot see. 

The Bible calls faith the substance of hope and the evidence of what you cannot see. To be the kind of person God has called you to be, you need to practice having faith

7. Peace 

One thing God has promised his people is certain peace. God has promised peace in uncertain times as well as in the good times in life. Knowing that God loves you, cares for you, and will always take care of you, should be enough to give you certain peace. 

8. Joy 

Although life can be difficult and confusing, there is a certain joy you should have as a Christian. The Bible says joy comes in the morning, which suggests there is a new opportunity for joy every day. Living for God should be a joyous experience, one that is an example to those around you. 

9. Patience 

Similar to compassion and love, patience is another virtue you should hold as a Christian. There are many Bible verses about patience, both in the New Testament and the old. 

Patience means being slow to anger, waiting on the Lord, not giving up, swallowing your pride, and more. This is an ideal that goes hand-in-hand with love, hope, faith, understanding, and gentleness. 

10. Self-Discipline 

The Bible mentions self-disciple and self-control in many different verses. You are called to live an upright life, practicing self-control, never ignoring wise instruction, loving discipline, and loving instruction. 

Think of self-discipline as the ultimate act of self-love. Self-disciple gives you inner strength, courage, and will ultimately improve your walk with God. 

11. Goodness

Do you have goodness in your heart? As a Christian, the answer should be a resounding yes. 

In the Bible, goodness extends past simply being a good person. Goodness means living a pure, righteous, holy, and merciful life. This refers to how you treat others, how you view your walk with God, and even how you treat yourself. 

12. Courage 

Jesus Christ was the ultimate study in courage. He stood up to the powers of the time, made his stance known, and even died on the cross for your sins. 

While practicing courage might not mean death today, it is still an ideal every Christian should hold. Be a courageous Christian, one who remains steady in their faith, even when it is not the popular stance to take. 

These Are the Important Christian Ideals for the Faithful 

By holding on to your Christian ideals, you can live the life God planned for you to live.

Some of these values include showing love and compassion to everyone you meet. You should also practice generosity, honesty, respect, faith, patience, self-discipline, and courage. As a Christian, you should strive to live a life full of peace, faith, joy, and goodness. 

Become the embodiment of these values to strengthen your faith and become a better Christian overall.  Don’t forget to browse our site for advice on lifestyle, parenting, art, and more. 

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