What Should You Expect from Your Lasik Surgery?

Lasik Surgery is a technologically advanced, simple, and painless method of restoring vision in people. It is a treatment that allows you to ditch your glasses and contact lenses, improving your quality of life dramatically.

Lasik surgery is performed to correct myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. The surgery is an excellent option for those who want a lasting vision solution giving them freedom from glasses or contacts. If you are looking for highly experienced eye surgeons for your Lasik surgery, visit sites like https://www.personaleyes.com.au/lasik.

With Lasik surgery, faster recovery and visual stability are possible almost immediately. Once you decide to go for this treatment, understand what to expect from the procedure. It will help you feel less anxious and more prepared for your surgery. 

Before the Surgery

Before the procedure, the doctor performs a thorough eye exam to check the cornea’s shape and thickness. Eye surgeons use wavefront and topography-guided technologies to evaluate your eye, take detailed measurements of the eye, and determine any refractive errors. Accurate measurements will help the doctor remove corneal tissue. 

During the Surgery

Your eye will be numbed first using eye drops to prevent any discomfort during the procedure. An instrument called a lid speculum helps hold your eyelids open, and a suction ring is placed on your eye to prevent eye movements. The eye surgeon will then use a femtosecond laser or blade to cut a thin flap of tissue from the front of the eye and will pull back the flap to reveal the part of cornea to be reshaped. 

The programmed laser based on the measurements derived before the procedure helps the surgeon gently reshape the cornea to achieve vision correction. You will be asked to focus on the point of light while the laser will send pulses of light to your cornea resulting in its reshaping. 

After the treatment is complete, the flap is carefully repositioned, where it will heal naturally without any stitches. Usually, there is no pain throughout the procedure. However, some people feel pressure in the eyes. The entire procedure may require less than 15 minutes for both eyes. 

After the Surgery

Upon completion of the surgery, your eye might itch, burn, or be watery. You will be able to see after the surgery, but your vision might not be clear, impairing your ability to drive after the procedure. You may also be prescribed some eye drops to help your eye stay moist and need to use an eye shield to protect your eye. You will also need to stay away from vigorous physical activities while your eyes continue to heal. 

Vision for most people improves and stabilises over a few days. It is normal to feel blurred vision and haziness for several weeks or even months after Lasik surgery. After six months of the surgery, the vision should be clear and stable. 

You may be required to attend postoperative examinations to make sure your eye is healing well. Complications are relatively rare in this surgery, and most people achieve 20/20 vision and some even better. 

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