Trend Alert: How to plan for summer fashion


Summer is almost upon us (for some of us, at least) and that means one thing. The catwalks have spoken. 2020 is full of summer ideas, some new, some old. Whether you are planning a trip to Milan, or just strutting through Covent Garden looking for your next outfit, there are a whole host of trends to sink your teeth into. Today’s post will now summarise five of the best we have seen donning the fashion shows, to help you along your way.

Make a statement sign with neon 

Once upon a time, there’s no doubt that neon would have largely been associated with the party season. Like a lot of new trends, times have changed. The recent catwalks were full of neon shades (including greens and yellows) and if we were to hone-in on a specific designer, Valentino has made it a big part of their recent ranges.

Sure, there are always going to be limits, but at the moment it feels that designers are basking in the thought that they can go for the outlandish with choices such as neon.

The puffed sleeve makes a full return 

We’ve seen puffed sleeves make a slow comeback over the years, but things seem to be getting more serious for 2020. A lot of the big designers have gone down this route, and perhaps the most pleasing way of all is the varied way in which they are achieving this.

For example, some might puff out the shoulder, while others may work a little lower down the arm. Either way, the style is on-trend.

There’s a new style of trench coat in town 

Trench coats aren’t anything new – they have been around for years. However, 2020 trench coats are a little bit different. Designers are effectively reinventing this garment, but with very subtle changes. Some might turn to a quiet pleat down the side, while others might look to do the same with a print. Either way, they are trying to make the famous coat a little less formal and judging by the response they are doing a very good job.

Drawstrings are no longer just for bags 

Once upon a time, it was just with bags, but now times are changing. The drawstring is now something that more and more designers are turning to, but the uses are far and wide. Some are opting to use it on the waist on a jacket, while others will utilise it on shorts. It’s working hard for everything.

Sheer is back

Sheer is always going to be a style that splits opinion, as some people just don’t want to show off as much as this trend sometimes does. However, designers are pushing this really strongly, and the fact that some are turning towards visible bras perhaps highlights this down to a tee! You certainly don’t have to go this far, but just be aware that sheer dresses and vests are very much on-trend right now.

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