The Mindset of a Travelling Freak: A Guide to Solo Travelling

You get this one life, and then it’s gone. You don’t have a limitless period on this earth. The world has so much to offer, you have only seen so little. The pandemic situation has made you realized that you are in the end crave for a new culture and new places. You feel this isolation is getting suffocating with each passing day. You want to explore the world as soon as this global crisis is over. Well, worry not! Read this article to find out crucial steps to solo guide.

  1. Mindset: Travellers are cosmopolitan beings. They are a citizen of the world. So, they don’t limit their beliefs in a tiny little box. You must explore your horizon and meet every new thing with the curiosity of a child’s nature. You can learn so much from different people and their cultures. If you do not like crowded places and want to explore more of nature, you can go to relaxing spots such as sea beaches or hilly mountain areas. Solo travelling also entails you to take responsibilities for your action. Since you are only in charge, you need to be cautious of the steps that you take.
  2. Your Belongings: If you plan on travelling to far off places and not visit home for a really long time, why not rent out the place? You need to pay taxes still and there is always a maintenance cost. So, the best decision is to rent out your apartment or house. You can put your belongings to a storage unit nearby. Make sure you get 24-hour online access and other facilities such as video monitoring, In-person surveillance etc. If you are in the city check out storage units san Diego for the best storage facilities.
  3. Different Food: You love your city favourites, everybody does. But when you are out in the wild or in a completely different local, don’t look for your comfort food. You may find it, you may not. But that is not the goal of travelling. The goal is to explore and to try new stuff. You are here to enjoy everything this place has to offer. Let your taste buds have new experiences too. But if you have restrictions on trying out a certain food, do not try them under any circumstances. You can fall sick and nobody wants to be sick on a vacation. Carry your set of urgent medicines when on a tour. You might be travelling to a certain part of the world where your particular medicine is not available in shops, so it is better to carry your own essential supplies.
  4. Physical Fitness: Travelling is a mindset, yes. But it is also a physical process that might leave one tired and groggy. So, while you have time practice exercise daily. Run, jog and do push-ups. Do as much exercise as your health permits. When you are alone in the mountain hills and you are planning for rock climbing with a tour group, you need to be in your A-game. If you lag behind you cannot keep with the group. You will eventually be left behind or sent to base camp. So, physical fitness is essential for an adventurous journey.

These are some of the basic rules elaborated for those who want to have a go in the real world after this global catastrophe is over. Happy journey!

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