How Wall Coverings Can Improve a Commercial Building’s Overall Appearance

Wallpaper in commercial buildings is beneficial for its aesthetics, longevity, and durability of the walls. The right wall coverings will benefit the building, adding an affordable protective layer for the walls. Additionally, it’s easily cleaned. However, there’s a big difference between wallpaper and a commercial wall covering. First of all, a commercial wallcovering typically comes in 54″ rolls versus residential rolls that come in 27″ rolls. The home wallcoverings are paper-thin to touch, while most commercial wallcoverings are textured vinyl. Contractors and builders will find numerous benefits to utilizing professionally installed wallcoverings


Owners want to keep their property looking well-kept, and with washable wallcoverings, the overall maintenance cost is kept in check. The use of a simple washcloth will help maintain the walls for years to come. In fact, well-installed murals or wallcoverings can last for decades.


While yes, the wallcoverings can last for years to come, they’re also a wonderful solution for temporary jobs. Removable solutions can make easy work of the job of changing out coverings. Because many wallcoverings are installed in large sheets, they’re removable at an easier pace than residential wallpaper.


The right wallcovering in the right spot can transform a room, making a high-traffic area a behold to see for visitors. No wall size is too big or too small for a wallcovering, with experts even able to wrap around corners. The right design can bring life to a room or add an interesting focal point on an accent wall. Then, there are also the options of wrapping an outside area, large wall, or parking garage to catch the eyes of pedestrians and on-coming traffic. Coverings can be added over brick, stucco, and concrete, just to name a few. Generally provided with a matte finish to reduce sun glare, these eye-catching works of art improve the landscape and help promote the business, too.


If you’re working with new construction, it’s likely you will not have to do any special preparation for a wallcovering hang as long as the walls were painted with a smooth or gloss or semi-gloss finished surface. However, if all you have is sheetrock, untreated plywood, or matte/dull finishes, you will need to re-paint the wall to ensure the longest life and best installation. Be sure to spackle prep before painting and scrape off any uneven areas.


Whether you want custom-cut lettering out of a solid or full-colour vinyl to create inspirational quotes on the wall or some other artistic vision, experts are available to help make your ideas a reality. They take your conception and bring it to life, assisting in the setup and installation of vinyl wall coverings. These pieces of work create an ambiance in a room or even the whole building that makes your location a showplace. Showcase your own artwork or photography with printable panels as wide as 50″ and as tall as needed. Qualified installed can piece together multiple panels, making the wall or side of the building a custom piece of art.


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