How to Plan the Perfect Sorority Event

When you are a college student in a sorority, event planning can be difficult. Here are some tips and tricks to making sure the planning and execution of your sorority events run as smoothly as possible.

Make a Budget and Stick to It

One of the most vital aspects to planning any soiree is the budget. Having a budget in place can make it much easier to estimate costs and leave room for emergencies. One of the most popular and useful techniques for creating a budget is making a spreadsheet with itemized categories for estimated costs and actual costs. A clear budget provides a good framework for every facet of your sorority event.

Hire an Event Planner

Take the stress of party planning off of your shoulders by working with a college event planner. These types of companies specialize in activities geared specifically towards college students, such as movie nights, black light dance parties and a plethora of other options. They can also provide party packages to fit your specific event type or budget. With the activities and entertainment provided by event planners, your sorority event guests are guaranteed to have a phenomenal time.

Delegate Tasks Between Members

Working with a team presents many opportunities to share the responsibility of planning. Delegating tasks for a sorority event can break up a daunting event into manageable portions. Assigning each team member a key area to work on, such as food, entertainment, managing the guest list or decorations can make it much more straightforward. If you are a leader, bring the team together periodically to check up on the progress of delegated tasks. This way, it is clear to see if the event is coming together as a whole.

Although planning a sorority event can seem overwhelming, using these methods can greatly reduce the hassle of putting together a party that is sure to be a hit with sorority sisters and guests alike.

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